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CXinwalk K6 problem


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my CXinwalk K6 blew a few chips and was completely dead.

A brand new board has been installed, but now it shakes and jitters violently when not under load.
Impossible to ride.

See this video attached,
Any suggestions?


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I've seen a few other wheels exhibit the same jittery symptoms, but I don't know what causes it exactly.  If your control board is brand new, it could be a damaged hall sensor in the motor itself (?).  Maybe check the continuity of all wires and connections.  I think I've also read some people saying to verify the connectors are plugged in properly as sometimes there are colour coding variations in the wires.  Have you done a calibration cycle on it?  It probably won't help, but it might be a simple thing to try.  I would imagine that if it isn't calibrated the wheel would still work, but it might have a bad tilt to it rather than be so jittery like that.  Maybe someone else can chime in with some ideas.

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We have had similar problems on Cxinwalk k5, k6 and Rockwheels.


The connecting wedges which clamp the frame onto the axle are more than likely not connecting firmly.

If you strip the wheel down to bare bones as per the picture and you twist the pedal mounts in opposite directions, you will notice free play.

The trick is to remove the wedges and reshape them with a grinder. Then refit with a thin metal shim and tighten securely. In the picture you can see a small piece of stainless steel sheeting that I cut. You can try shimming without grinding too - not recommended but you may get by.

Cxinwalk K5 fix 20160810_183643 (6).jpg

Cxinwalk K5 fix 20160810_183643 (8).jpg

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