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Found 18 results

  1. MetricUSA

    How to use a Broken Hoverboard

    I find this very interesting useful video...
  2. I've had problems with the kneebar failing on both my MiniPros. I purchased a used kneebar off of LetGo and it too has now failed. I live in NYC and carry my Segway MiniPro up and down stairs using the subway system ... on an average day it is lifted about 10x ... since the failure of my first bar I have been grabbing it from the center of the knee Control bar and it still has failed. Now the white MiniPro is used locally with zero lifting and has not become worst. The black bar is about three weeks of use. Someone suggested I buy the Ninebot Mini kneebar ... can only find them overseas. Segway asked me to contact them if it became worst and on the white MiniPro it has not since I do not life this one. The black one which is about a month old is currently unusable. Anybody else notice cracks or failures?
  3. Liam Mit

    King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

    Hi all, Purchased King song 14c (800w) from Wheelgo late 2015, without warning the axle cracked approximately 3 months later. Unfortunately Wheelgo no longer trade from the UK, Jason was kind enough to send me the complete service manual, but unfortunately his suggestion to 'hammer it back' was never going to work. Dispite a number of emails to http://www.szkingsong.com/ they do not appear to be able to reply. Cost £895 Broken axle 3 months later cost/ time = £298 a month. I am also lucky enough to own an ips and ninebot, had no issues with these units. Liam
  4. My right wheel just crack under me while i stop In such situation one have to FULLY tear your mini apart to change your base plate So here is official maual for Pro. Just in case. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/5u1cqyjjg6d58gq/2-Ninebot Mini Pro Service manual .pdf?dl=0)
  5. tusk123

    Broken Motor Axle

    Hi Everybody, Has anybody had a broken axle? How did you fix it? i recently broke mine and do not really want to buy a new motor.
  6. Hello! I'm new here and am having some trouble. I jumped straight in attempting to fix and broken IPS Zero. It came into my possession not working. I replaced the fuse and experienced a Judder/Shudder/Shake when switched on. I did some more poking around with the old multimeter and realised there were four mosfets that had failed. I also notice that one of the hall effect sensors was not working. I replaced the mosfets and hall effect sensor. Now when I switch it on it shakes violently, it can occasionally get the wheel spinning. But it goes super fast! I wonder if anyone has a schematic for the board? Everything I have tested appears to be nominal values. I wonder if it could have a reflash of the firmware? Any suggestions appreciated
  7. Xplorer

    CXinwalk K6 problem

    my CXinwalk K6 blew a few chips and was completely dead. A brand new board has been installed, but now it shakes and jitters violently when not under load. Impossible to ride. See this video attached, Any suggestions? IMG_5264.mp4
  8. Sidestreet Reny

    Sidestreet Reny's New Wheel?

    20 days without any wheel so far. I have the money saved up now including my prize money and I am really not sure which way to go this time around. The KS14b just couldn't handle most of my tricks...extreme or not and it is totally out of commission now. There is a small chance a new board might resurrect it for some disco transportation at least. Not for tricks though. I have a beat up 9bot1 C+ that turned off all of a sudden 1 month ago (without any jumps or slides) and never came on again so Jake from @FORWARD california is doing his best to help me get it fixed, even though it was purchased almost a year ago (because he is just awesome!) I do love riding the 9bot and obviously it works for most tricks, just ask @Jonathan Tolhurst and many other tricky cats. I haven't ever pedal slid, jumped high or anything like that on it yet. Also sometimes it would turn off while landing a jump and could not be turned on again until it was plugged in again. Important: It turns out that less power is more beneficial for jumping and sliding as it creates less resistance from the board and it just gives out completely instead of hurting the motor or the board. So I am looking at these three. Ninebot One A1 same as the E series. It's affordable, light as hell, doesn't spin out of control when it falls Inmotion V5 seems nice, super stiff ride but really high pedals. Does it spin out of control when it falls? Freeman A4 dual chip set and Ninebot-esque stiffness in ride and control. It's light, safe and solid but a bit chunky Any advice, experience or recs from actual riders would be appreciated. Thanx folks
  9. josh2005

    smart balance board

    the metal pin in the middle of my smart balance board snapped consequently the paddles spin all the way round.is this fixable and can i continue using it while the pin is snapped?
  10. Sidestreet Reny

    BROKEN DOWN: King Song KS-14B

    Has not been seriously beat up yet. No big jumps pedal slides or stairs on either of them. First off.....Thanx again to @Cloud @DS @Shoe73 @trya @Jason McNeil @KingSong69 @Keith @Jonathan Tolhurst @esaj for the help getting her. My new KS-14B just jitters back and forth.....opening it today to check the pedal arms for tightness. Other suggestions??
  11. Sidestreet Reny

    BROKEN DOWN: Airwheel X3

    Has not been seriously beat up yet. No big jumps pedal slides or stairs on it. Aiwheel X3 just wont turn back on and seems to be beep/blinking out a code. Got it super cheap, new a few months ago for my lady and she still rides on my back instead. Lol. Still sucks!
  12. Sidestreet Reny

    Dead Ninebot C+

    My Ninebot One C+ died. Here's the thing dying vid, here's the board and the LED strip blinking one green light. Just wondering what the fuck happened. No big worries though, my man Jake from @FORWARD california (the dopest Ninebot One seller in the U.S.) is sending me a new main board to fix it! Hopefully it does fix it cuz that thing was kinda fun, I couldn't do many big tricks on it but it flowed nicely on that 16". Not sure if these vids work. ??? 9Bot C+ Dying.m4v C+ fail board lights - iPhone.m4v
  13. Niobium

    new IPS ZERO broke - Help needed

    Hello EUC community, I've started my EUC journey three month ago with a used e-run 14'' EUC and quickly found out I need something stronger and faster. I bought an IPS ZERO (340Wh) mid of February and got it delivered mid of March. In my third ride it broke - fortunately while I was holding on to a light post. I contacted the seller and after describing the facts, I received the information (full correspondence below): Control board is broken, he will send me a new one. One day later I got an other email stating that an exchange of the control board is not necessary: I should buy the MOSFETs in my country and replace them on my own! This is not acceptable! I asked IPS for help (email to manager@ipselectricunicycle.com on the 19.4.) but received no answer yet. I bought from IPS because of their good name and expected good quality. From my todays perspective I don't see either. Could you help me getting this issue solved? Best Regards Stefan My correspondence with the seller and IPS (read from bottom to top): Dear IPS Management, I've bought a brand new IPS Zero that stopped working after the first few kilometers. Contacting the Seller a few days ago (details below) I got the confirmation, that the control board is broken and they will send a new one. Today (19.04.2016) I received the Info I shall buy and replace the MOSfets on the control board (see correspondence below). This is not acceptable. I've bought a new IPS Zero for 699$ and want to have fun driving. I don't want to start getting an expert in taking it apart and fixing electronics. I hope that you can help me solving this issue. Details: IPS Zero (340Wh) Series Number: 1015xxxxxxxx Order Date: 14.02.2016 Delivery date: beginning of March 2016 Ordered from: shopelectricunicycle.com Order Number: 7216 With best Regards Stefan __________________________________ Am 19.04.2016 um 18:07 schrieb Martin Lee: no other solutions! Thank you Martin Lee Electric Unicycle Online Shop Email:sales@shopelectricunicycle.com Web:shopelectricunicycle.com Phone:+86 185 8021 8352 __________________________________ From: Stefan Date: 2016-04-20 00:01 To: Martin Lee Subject: Re: IPS Zero 340Wh - stopped working -Order: 7216 - 14.02.2016 Hi Martin, I'm not an electronics expert. I just want to have fun with my brand new 700,- $ EUC. Please come up with an other solution. Best Regards Stefan __________________________________________________ Am 19.04.2016 um 06:09 schrieb Martin Lee: Dear Stefan, you can order the attachment MOS parts in your country,not necessarily change control board IPS technical said. Best Regards Martin Lee Electric Unicycle Online Shop Email:sales@shopelectricunicycle.com Web:shopelectricunicycle.com Phone:+86 185 8021 8352 __________________________________ Am 18.04.2016 um 20:40 schrieb Stefan : Hi Martin, Thanks for the fast reply. Please find attached the photo with the series number. Do you also send a description of how to change the control board? Best Regards Stefan __________________________________ Am 18.04.2016 um 07:36 schrieb Martin Lee: control board is broken ! send me the series number on tire like attachment l will send you the control board. Best Regards Martin Lee Electric Unicycle Online Shop Email:sales@shopelectricunicycle.com Web:shopelectricunicycle.com Phone:+86 185 8021 8352 __________________________________ From: Stefan Date: 2016-04-16 22:38 To: Martin Lee Subject: Re: IPS Zero 340Wh - stopped working -Order: 7216 - 14.02.2016 Hi, I've attached the videos in lower quality BR Stefan __________________________________ Am 16.04.2016 um 15:03 schrieb Martin Lee: when l open the link turn to attachment ! what can l do?? please send by attachment l can check it easy 10-30MB is OK . use phone take a short video it is too simple ! Thank you! Martin Lee Electric Unicycle Online Shop Email:sales@shopelectricunicycle.com Web:shopelectricunicycle.com Phone:+86 185 8021 8352 __________________________________ From: Stefan Date: 2016-04-16 20:27 To: Martin Lee Subject: Re: IPS Zero 340Wh - stopped working -Order: 7216 - 14.02.2016 Hi Martin, I've made two videos you can find here: LINK deleted PIN: IPSZero The IPS Zero does not switch on any more. Also it doesn't charge. The wheel doesn't rotate free. It is not mechanical blocked, it feels more like it flips from one magnet to the next. BR Stefan __________________________________ Am 11.04.2016 um 03:42 schrieb Martin Lee: Dear Stefan, please send me the video explain what is going on. what l am talking about is video l hope l can receive the video by attachment from your next Email if you want to solve the problem quickly. Best Regards Martin Lee Electric Unicycle Online Shop Email:sales@shopelectricunicycle.com Web:shopelectricunicycle.com Phone:+86 185 8021 8352 __________________________________ From: Stefan Date: 2016-04-11 02:22 To: Martin Lee Subject: IPS Zero 340Wh - stopped working -Order: 7216 - 14.02.2016 Hi Martin, I was on a ride with my IPS Zero and while standing on it and holding to a lightpost it stopped working. The lights went out and I could not find him on the IPS Mobile app. The charger wont charge, also the battery was down to ~65%. What is your proposal? Best Regards Stefan
  14. I have a problem with my Airwheel X3. When turning the unit on and tilting it there as a grinding noise from the wheel and it will not stabilise, the wheel kicks when leaning the unit forward or back. Any one had a similar issue? What was the solution? Picked this up in China, now back in UK, so no warranty support. Thanks, Alan.
  15. So I just recently bought a hoverboard off of eBay and the on button to turn on the board is no longer working. Whenever I click it it just beeps for about a second, no lights light up or anything. The battery is full. So the only way to turn it on is by using the lock/unlock feature on the key/remote that came with the board. I don't think the board is branded because it came in a box that said "Smart Balance Wheel" or something like that. It is a Bluetooth board btw in case that has anything to do with it. If someone could tell me why this is happening and how to fix it that would be mucho appreciated
  16. rojieh

    Ninebot One broken handle?

    Hi, I'm interested in buying the Ninebot One E+, but some online reviewers complain about the handle being defective and breaking. Does anyone in the forum have this experience? Is this a defect that they have now fixed?
  17. So i purchased a chinese knock off of what i believe to be the air wheel(lol hard to tell), and it doesn't appear to be working at all. When you turn the unit on, it goes forward, backward, then maintains a constant BEEEEEP, until i turn it off. When i plug the charger in, no indication lights come on that it is charging. The company gave me a refund, and let me keep the unicycle, and so i would like to try and fix it, I am fairly tech savy, and have checked to make sure the charger and battery are both working. any ideas what else it could be? much appreciated on the help!
  18. Roderick Read

    Think it was an airwheel

    Got given an EU for my 40th birthday ... under a month ago. Love it! I'm like a pro already he he he yesterday I went to turn it on in the morning... It jerked about then beeped and turned off...happened a couple of times... Bit like the reading from the IMU / gyro was being over amplified to the motor... I charged it to make sure that wasn't the issue... tried again... It gave a big jolt on turning on.... nothing since... It's blown a fuse or FET or something.. No lights, nothing. We haven't treated it badly. My brother who bought the EU (think it's an airwheel x3, there's a sticker saying 132WH... looks like one) is away offshore at the moment... he says it was bought as an import an therefore he's not sure about the warranty... Certainly the manual is not at all helpful... it describes the device as having a bluetooth speaker ... there's definitely no speaker... Any advice? Should I try get warranty servicing ... under 1 month use is not good. Or should I try and fix it myself? with the likes of http://www.passiongadgets.com/x3-motherboard-circuit-board-brand-new.html The kids were having a whale of a time on this toy... pals kids are starting to get them too. Be sad to see it go.