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Xima Lhotz IPS 191 firmware 4.32

Xima Lhotz

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Some pre information.

I found this nice forum and shortly after i bought the Xima Lhotz 340wH after finding it here.

I think its fantastic (i had a Airwheel X8 previous) but this Xima is worlds apart.


*The 16" 2.5"wide wheel makes all the difference for stability and balance

*When the battery goes low it just starts a continuous beep and starts a tiltback and you are forced to stop.

*The engine feels strong and gives confidence and behaves the way i expect it to behave.


Some things are not fantastic though.

- The stickers came of the wheel together with the protective plastic.

(No biggie for me though, i wanted to remove them anyhow)

- The rubber protectors are attached with the same "sticky but never drying glue"

So eventually ill have to glu them back.

- If you ride the wheel and get the long continuous beep (low battery warning) the km doesn't register.

Thats why my app displays 55km when i actually have gone more than double.

- The official app "Xima" is not fantastic, without Kevins "Xima Lhots" app i wold have been less satisfied.

Thank you Kevin!  :)



Other than that with my limited (+100km) of riding this EU i have found no flaws.


Now for the actual post...


So i couldn't take it any more, i had to press the "Firmware Update Available" button in the Xima app. (iamips doesn't work)

I was on v4.3 and have done 100km om that firmware and was very satisfied.

Im now on v4.32 and purely subjectively i think its more smooth to ride.

Before it felt a bit "harsh / not super smooth" going up and down between 25-29 km/h pushing against tiltback but i think that this transition a bit smoother now.

I have no more scientific proof other than it works fine and the ride feels great for me..


I can still use the Xima Lhotz app to unlock 30km/h, thank god :)

That app works 100% for me and a BIG thanks to Kevin for making this app.


And now for the questions.

Does anyone have info or a changelog for these firmware updates?


Have a nice day!

Xima Lhotz app.PNGXima app.PNG


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48 minutes ago, Jorgeuk said:

I dont have any Burton in Xima app (Android) to update firmware.

And after using the Kevin app changing the 30km limit  my Xim lhotz start the alarm spees at 23km/h is it normal?

Yeah beeping starts at 23kph - completely normal

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36 minutes ago, Jorgeuk said:

ok , thanks 

How can I know the limit before it turn OFF and I fall down ? Or the pedals tilt back?

at 23kph, you get the first set of beeps which are the ones you've heard.

at around 25-28 you get beeps which are twice as fast

28-30 you'll get a constant 'life support machine' style tone. Plus tilt back.

These will all differ of course dependant on things like your weight/angle of attack/acceleration/battery level.

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