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Save money on one universal overpriced charger for ALL EUCs? (Roger that?)?

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Accessories are always expensive, sometimes you need 2 chargers pr wheel sometimes the chargers selfdestruct. SO how about one sturdy charger for all EUCs?  ROGER THAT? 

I understand there are such products on the marked probably made in China which probably means bad quality, not user freindly, bulky and overpriced. But you need only one, right? OH and convertercables you need also, Roger himself demonstrates in this Video: 

Inmotion V11 is 84V, newer wheels are 160 something ? 

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More relevant info here, as usual it also contains references to aggression, censorship and general folly. Free speach and resepctfull debate is a very good idea if you want quality info. I wonder if the marked for universal chargers has changed in 2 years?  Battery health is still important as always the best info in EUC world comes from Finalnd (Thx MrElwood) 


Dont hijack this threadif you can stay on topic, if you cant well so be it. Kudos, love and respect.  Peace to you and your family, nation, and the universe. 

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more info
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