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for those riders lucky enuf to own a master V3 and S22 pro, whats your opinion on the ride differences ???


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this goes out to those lucky euc riders who own several eucs.  if you have owned a master V3,  and S22 pro (not necessarily at the same time),  could you provide your reviews of how well they ride on the street and if you have had any problems maintaining these eucs.

thank you.


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@Elliott Reitz

Currently you are comfortably riding your Master at speeds between 45 mph and 50 mph for some portions of your commute to work, if I am not mistaken. I bet you can't wait to get your hands on a GT Pro.

Just wondering, did you ever ride your S20/S22's on the same route (or similar route) to work at speeds up to 40-ish mph?

If you did, which of the two wheels would you say put you more at ease going at those speeds?


From a maintenance perspective, was one easier to maintenance than the other? What's your take?


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13 hours ago, alcatraz said:

Is there any reason you put the Master v3 as the candidate? I don't know which version to look for.

From what i have read in this forum, each version of most models usually has problems addressed from the previous version.  I think v3 is the current version, with v4 being the next version if yu were to order it.  Rideone website is taking orders now for v4 master...thats my undetstanding of begodes master model and its version history...

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