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Ride out or Haul out

Ride out or Haul out  

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  1. 1. how important is weight and portability?

    • i open my garage door and ride out.
    • i put the wheel in my road vehicle and take the wheel where i ride.
    • i ride out mostly.
    • i tote the wheel to my desired location mostly.
    • i have stairs, so i have to carry.

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idk how to do a poll but i think what would helpful is getting an idea how portability affects buyer's decisions.

i've been enjoying watching the new wheel videos over the holidays, and i occurred to me, that some of u actually leave ur place for ur rides.

my question is, do u load up ur wheel in a vehicle and tote it to where u want to ride, 

or do u just open the garage door and rideoout.

and third category, do u have to lift or carry ur wheel at all?

it's a question of weight, handles, etc dealing with portability. 

i would never buy a v13 or any heavy wheel if i had to tote it. 

my s22 pros weigh 75 pounds. btw, has anybody that's not a vendor, weighed the lynx yet? i still want one, but it will be a rideout wheel.


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Not only do I have stairs but everywhere in the city there are stairs without wheelchair access and massive 30cm tall curbs.

Also at restaurants, space is sometimes a bit scarce ao I'd rather not have a wheel with gigantic pads and tall up to the waist, and trying to maneuver that under a table while it's 50kg. 

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