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Kingsong S18 range problem


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S18 shows a range of 100km at 100% but after 70km it is completely empty. The first 60km is calculated "correctly": the range the decreases from 100km to 40km in 60km but at 40% battery and 40km resting range, after riding 10km, the battery is completely empty, 0%. So the lowest 30% is unusable. Do you have the same issue?

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50-70km on S18 sounds right. How heavy you are and how fast you ride - is also a factor in overall range..

I get 65km (100-0% test) on my 1554Wh ks18xl for reference. Because i'm heavy and ride around 35km/h speeds.

Also if you brake and accelerate often - it eats the battery the most. Cruising at one speed - safes range.

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