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Which EUC best describes your pet?


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I have 2 parrots. The oldest, Rio, I would say is an InMotion Adventure. She loves sports. She is super nimble. She runs all day long like there’s no tomorrow. She is feisty, and she is fun.

My younger parrot, Maui, is a KingSong 18XL. He likes to take a chill approach to life. His behavior is super dependable, and steady. He still likes to play, but Rio’s quick movements are too scary for his tastes. His nature is calm, pleasant, and sweet.

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I have somewhere around 15 to 20 squirrels that I party with in the park. Over the years, I've been riding KS16S practicing my tricks while these squirrels are scurrying around me play catch with my nuts (not my personal nuts).... talking about cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds...that these squirrels are really after. But I do think at some level, they do relate emotionally to me when they look at me inquisitively. When we all become in one spirit, I feel my KS16S has become like my pet squirrels...free to come and go as they are not owned by anyone, agile as they can jump leaps and bounds and fun as they are inquisitive and cute. KS16S is my favorite wheel best described by these cute, playful squirrels!

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10 hours ago, alcatraz said:

I wish I had a pet so I could join in on the subject.

Feel free to channel your spirit animal, and describe that in the form of an EUC. A spirit animal isn't necessarily a reflection of yourself, but rather an animal that can teach you, and help you to grow in ways that make your life better. Many people pick pets along this line. They seek a bond with an animal that exhibits behaviors and attitudes that they appreciate and which enrich their lives, even if the person does not possess that quality. 

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