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Begode Mten3 battery replacement?


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I have an Mten3 that I purchased used, and the range was fine for the first two rides, but then immediately cut down with every charge, down to about a 1/2 mile, then to a 1/4 mile or so, and now it only goes a hundred feet or so (all on flat) before tilting back hard.


So two questions:

Is there a way to see if the charger is actually working?  I can't find anything that has actual state-of-charge in the app, just the voltage


Is there a way to buy a replacement battery for the Begode Mten3?

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Never heard of a battery degrading as fast as you describe. I would say most likely your charger simply does not work.

What is the voltage before and after charging? The voltage is the charge state, so you can immediately see if charging happens (or doesn't happen) from the voltage.

Do you know if you have a 84V or 67V mten3? Do you know the battery size?

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Be careful. Some people see a reduction in range right before the battery pack goes up in flames.

Personally I'd measure the pack voltages (cut off the heatshrink) to be safe. You need a multimeter for that.

If you know someone else with a Gotway 84v system (assume yours is 84v) then maybe let them try your charger. At least check the charger output with a multimeter.

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What's the easiest way to check the charger?  I have a multitester, I don't know the pinout of the plug.

It is supposedly a 512Wh battery, but I don't remember ever seeing anything approaching 84V on the app, I think it was more like 67.  I'll go pull it out and check.

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Two of the four pins are used (84v). Without allowing the probes to touch eachother, in VDC mode "00.0" on the display, check the voltage between the four holes on the charger side. There are four posdible combinations. It doesn't matter which color probe you use. You should either see ~84.5 or ~-84.5.

Be careful with the charge port on the wheel. It's live so don't probe there.

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On 9/12/2023 at 7:14 PM, alcatraz said:

Two of the four pins are used (84v).


Just looked at the charger and it shows which pins.  I'm reading 3.4V across two of the pins(the rest are 0v) - are the other pins used as signaling to activate the charger perhaps?  Or are two of the pins just always 84V and my charger is broken?

The charger does have the flashing green light, but it never switches to charging.

Checking the pins on the scooter I only read something like 1.5V, I know the battery is low, but I doubt it's *that* low.

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The charge port goes to the bms. Better take the heatshrink off the pack (carefully, no shorting) and measure it.

Unless you suspect the port could perhaps not make a good connection. On one wheel I have the pins were damaged so it charges only when seated fully.

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