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Unveiling INMOTION Adventure's Game-Changing Specs: A Bold 24-Month Warranty Move (18 for Battery)! Will Other Manufacturers Step Up?


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Delve deep into the specifications of the INMOTION Adventure, a paradigm-shifter in the realm of electric unicycles. With a commitment to robust performance, INMOTION pushes the envelope, bringing you unprecedented power and control wrapped in a sleek design. One of the standout features of this release is the groundbreaking 24-month warranty (18 months for the battery), a testament to INMOTION's confidence in the Adventure's durability and their commitment to customer peace of mind. This raises the bar for industry standards, and it remains to be seen if other manufacturers will follow suit. Here's a comprehensive look at what the Adventure brings to the table:


  • Name: Adventure


  • Rated Power: 4000W
  • Peak Power: 9000W
  • Max Speed: 70km/h (43.5 miles/h)
  • Max Slope: 50°
  • Torque: 200N-m
  • Wheel Tractive Force: 850N
  • Max Range: 120km (74.5 miles)

Build and Design:

  • Tire Size: 3.00-12 (12 inches)
  • Net Weight: 39kg (85.98 lbs)
  • Max Load: 140kg (308.65 lbs)

Durability and Safety:

  • IP Rating for Wheel: IPX6 (Water-resistant)
  • IP Rating for Battery: IPX7 (Waterproof)


  • Typical Battery Capacity: 2400Wh
  • Max Charging Current: 16A
  • Smart BMS/Power Pads/Adjustable: Yes


  • System: Adaptable leverage ratio & Progressive shock
  • Suspension Travel: 85mm (3.35 inches)


  • Type: Raptor

Adventure Specs.jpg

Adventure Poster.jpg

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I'm certainly hopeful that this is an indication of a new trend with EUC companies. It seems that InMotion actually listened to riders that were demanding all-weather EUC's with good build quality, easy maintenance, and good range on a smaller wheel. This could be a great boon for commuters. We will see what the build quality is though over time. I'm a bit concerned about what looks like a lot of plastic in the housing. Plastic doesn't survive crashes very well.

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interesting that you are making these bold statements about a wheel which does not have any valid video reviews available so far.  and as for your warranty description, yippee, inmotion is giving this wheel abit more coverage.

i for one as a potential customer dont give a damn about this topic seeing that inmotion has seen fit to charge more for this wheel than other current products available for 2023.  lets not forget the begode extreme veteran Patton,  and to a lesser extent T4 and others coming down the line.  300$ CAD more than for a Patton ?  inmotion is testing my patience and my wallet.

putting this warranty topic aside,  LETS WAIT TO SEE HOW WELL THE ADVENTURE PERFORMS before tooting your horn about any thing related to the 'Adventure'.  if it turns out to be a great machine,  better than what is available,  then MAYBE the higher price is justifiable.  if it just plain SUCKS,  then your pricing will change for sure,  not that anyone will be interested in it after that review/reception.

toot toot...

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