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Using field weakening to increase max speed of an EUC?


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Here are the physics https://www.powertransmission.com/articles/1375-field-weakening-what-how-and-why-to-do-it (longread).  
Here is a great tread on Endless Sphere https://endless-sphere.com/sphere/threads/field-weakening-what-is-it.95174/

Basically Field Weakening allows to surpass the maximum speed of an electric motor on the current battery voltage by reducing the flux field. 

Some ebike controllers such as Grin have the ability to enable this technology and allow you to fine tune FW in settings. On my ebike it increased the maximum speed from 50 to over 60 with rather conservative FW value.

Looks like a thing that can be implemented in EUC motherboards without any crazy tech. This could be very beneficial for EUCs and other balance electric vehicles as increasing top speed by 20% when needed could potentially mean we stay rubber side down in extreme situations. 

I wonder if any of the EUC manufacturers or DIYers tried that. If not, why?

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I think the Veteran Sherman S already uses this for High Speed mode and Begode possibly uses this for their race modes on certain wheels.

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That could be a problem if you ride steep uphill when there is not enough torque to maintain momentum. But when you ride on flat surface or downhill, you don't normally max out on current, so ability to increase max speed could save us from overspeeding the wheel  

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