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youform butt and hip pads

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I have something very similar, though not that brand, and it works OK. The Youform ones are quite expensive, and I am not sure I like the design of the tailbone protector, which actually has a gap when your tailbone sits, and I can quite see those eagle feathers spreading out in a crash such that your tailbone contacts anyway. Even my improvised tailbone padding borrowed from some MC trousers is better than that and doesn't have the split down the middle and is double layered.

The problem with free-form pads like this is how much they move about (maybe mitigated in your case with the heat-moulding design feature), my hip ones are held quite firmly in place by my kidney belt on the Leatt Top armour, but still tend to drift about a bit on long rides and if I do a lot of sitting down on breaks etc. But they are definitely less hassle than having to put on padded shorts, so swings and roundabouts... anyway - I was very glad I had mine on in the last crash I had - I impacted my right hip after twatting a car that pulled out in front of me the other week, and barely felt it... so worth having something there...

I have never come off a wheel backwards so my tailbone protection remains... untested !

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Interesting that you (cerbera) will comment and give an opinion on a product you've never used. I hope the moderator ignored your misinformed comment because it is inaccurate.

I used to use leat. Now I use youform. The tail pad, hip pad, and ankle pad stays in place during impact. The hip and tail lock in on your pants. They don't move. 

For context I ride onewheel and euc. I usually ride off road. I perform some tricks. I race and ride with the best. I wear jeans or sweats. I've crashed at 20-25 mph on my side, back, and front. Those pads seriously saved me. They've never failed me. 

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Youform pads Ohio

thatdudecantride Ohio, owns the entire brand product line

To create an account here just to bring up this invisible topic from over months ago and be so sensitive I guess you're the CEO right?

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