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EUCs on Amtrak


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I don't know but it's best to take you're wheel to the depot and ask. You could always remove the batteries and take along with you in a carry on. Or ship your wheel to yourself in Boston. Just be totally transparent with them so you don't have to worry the whole time.

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5 hours ago, joeboots said:

I need to get to Boston from NYC on Tuesday. Can I bring my 16X on Amtrak or will they give me a hard time since it's 2 or 3 lbs over the 50lb limit? Anyone done this?

Does your train have checked baggage?  It looks like the 50lb limit may only apply to carry-ons.

If they don't usually weigh checked bags, you could risk it, but it would be a PITA if they do weigh it and don't allow it.  I'm guessing the reason for the limit is to avoid luggage falling off a rack onto someone, in which case they'd probably be pretty strict about it.

You could just remove one of the battery packs and then re-install it at your destination, although it could be a pain to lug your EUC around when it's turned off.

I don't see rules around large Li-ion batteries on trains, which is surprising.  Obviously a major battery fire won't bring down a train like it would a plane, but could still do some major damage and lead to major delays.

They do have rules against hoverboards due to fire risk.  I think if they called you on it, you'd be hard pressed to explain how an EUC is any better than a hoverboard, given that the battery is ~10x larger.

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I take the Amtrak Downeaster from Portland ME to Boston all the time and I've taken my wheels a few times. First time I took my 16x and no one said anything. I took my Monster Pro and the conductor didn't like it even though I was able to get it in the overhead. He told me to purchase a bike ticket for it next time I took the train. So, the next time, I took my Sherman and booked a bike ticket for it. On my way on the train, the same conductor said I could take it this time but they are not allowed on the train. He told me they don't check baggage and if I could fit it in a suitcase, they would have no way to know.

Not too long after, I decided to take Amtrak from Boston to Seattle and I kept it in a suitcase. There was no issue other than the suitcase being awkward and heavy.

On the return trip, I was feeling ballsy and decided to wheel it onto the train outside the suitcase and as I was boarding, they asked if the batteries were removable. I told them they were and changed the subject as quickly as possible. I kept it in the suitcase the rest of the trip.

So far, I've never been turned away by Amtrak but I feel like I've come close.

There are about three riders taking the Downeaster to Boston this weekend for the Invasion so we'll see how they do. I'll update here with how it goes after the event.



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