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Inmotion V8 BMS board inquiry


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Hello guys I hope someone knows what I am here for. I have an Inmotion V8 and it does not charge nor power on anymore. So I checked the battery and opened it up. I saw a part that is burnt and cracked it looks like a transistor but it does not have a part number I have the photo of the V8 BMS   I saw on Aliexpress but that also didn't have any markings on it. Is there anyone that might know what it is. It should be the one right above the RED Power output cable 




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Have you measured the battery voltages? It would be very useful now that you have the battery opened up. Worst case, the cells have dropped below the safe low limit of 2.5V, and should no longer be used. In that case you’d need a whole new battery anyway.

 Or they might differ in voltage enough for you to need to manually balance them.

 If you can’t make out any readings in the transistor, I’m afraid you’re out of luck and need to purchase a new BMS. It probably has a conformal coating on it, which definitely makes it hard to read anything on it. You can try to shine a flashlight from different angles.

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10 hours ago, alcatraz said:

Good question. Try desolder it perhaps and check under a microscope. Take pics and ask in an electricians diy forum.

Unfortunately that part was burnt and cracked. So even with the help of a microscope I can't get any details on it. However I saw a V8F motherboard BMS and it has almost the same setup right beside the red cable for output it used 2 of D1 01 50CT Rectifier diodes I am not sure though if that goes the same for the V8 BMS


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11 hours ago, v8nice said:

Yes but the v8f battery from around november 2022 its not the same.Before this date it s compatible.

What's the difference? I want to know if the battery case of it has the same dimensions as the V8. Because if it is the same size it can be modified to work with the V8 motor

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On 7/15/2023 at 7:30 AM, v8nice said:

The v8f batteries are identical to the v8 except since around November/December 2022 the shape is no longer the same. From this date my battery is longer due to the change of batteries.

so the case of that V8F battery was changed. Most likely because of the bigger capacity or the size of the cells, they may have used 21700s instead of 18650s not sure though as I have not seen the battery pack for the V8F yet.

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