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Wild Begode Master v2 Issue, stuck in some wierd mode.


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Here is a video of it now:


I love my begode master, didn't do anything that different today some rock got stuck on the trail so I decided to freespin a wheel to get everything out, about 80% bat, motor temp was fine but after it spinned to 109kph it cut out as normal, I turn it off as usual but it won't turn off. Instead, it keeps beeping and blinking and beeping, I was afraid that I had blown a mossfet though it made no sense, after clicking buttons over and over again, something worked and motor turned on, I was wondering if we are back to normal but I couldn't power it off again, had to spam the power button to make the motor work randomly again, as soon as it started working. Had to ride it home, I rode more slowly than usual to be safe but didn't feel any different when riding, the torque was there, pedals felt normal. After I got home I knew something will go wrong if I turn it off and it did, you can see it in a video it's in some weird bug mode, won't turn off, and won't turn on. It charges so the batteries should be ok, but I disconnected the motherboard for now until I know what's wrong and what to do. PLS help!

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Weird - I have never seen that sort of behaviour from the Master before.

Just for clarity, you are saying a rock from the trail got stuck between the motor hub plate and a battery pack ? I've certainly had that before, but I got the rock out with a big long pokey thing rather than by spinning it up to the max... I should also check that your spin-up did actually remove the rock, and it is not still there somehow, or just moved to a different place ? Mine was notably difficult to remove and I had to get long handled tweezers eventually, and between those and a thin metal ruler I managed to knock it out with the machine powered off.

I agree it does look like it's in some sort of admin / or 'bootloader' mode, and the button clicks you are doing there are quite similar to what I have seen people do when their Master becomes bricked after a failed firmware update. But I have no idea how it got into that mode, or how to get it out again - my only suggestion is therefore that you contact Begode directly (or via your dealer) and show them that video...

Anyway, very sorry to hear you are having the problem, and hope you find the answer soon - there are lots of Master owners here on the forum so hopefully a few of them might have seen this before and can offer better advice. 

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UPDATE!! It's alive!

Because I could not fully turn off the wheel with a button I disconnected the motherboard wire over night to stop it from blinking and draining the bat.

When I plugged it back in the wheel works like normal! BTW by normal I mean the 12 volt system: screen headlight and back light, are stuck on blinking. But it was like that for the last 600km ever since I disconnected the motherboard to change my bearings, as far as I know it's a software bug.

I think disconnecting for a long time fully drained the board resetting it from whatever crazy mode it was in, it now turns off and on normally!

I hope this will never happen to me again but I'm not freespinning my wheel till cutoff from now on and will have tools to open up the top cover on me when riding.

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Very glad to hear it's back to normal and you can ride again ! Have you tried flashing different firmware to try and fix the blinking lights thing ?

Though, having been through what you just have, not sure I would recommend that for a while unless you are fairly sure it is going to succeed - last thing you want is to brick it again in a failed FW update !

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