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Gotway/Begode is no longer making parts for RS19

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I was one of the first people to order a RS19 back when it released in the end of 2019.

Right now it's the middle of 2023 - 3 1/2 years later and I was just informed by an aliexpress seller that Begode no longer manufactures parts for the popular RS19. 

BTW this is the second aliexpress seller informing me of this. 

So if you have one, better start hoarding spare parts. It's a damn shame, see I really needed a new charger port cover to once again have my RS19 water proof to allow me to ride in the rain.. Now I must do an unsightly DIY solution. 

I feel bad for any one who got a hero or a similarly unpopular euc since you guys will probably run out of spare parts long before 3 1/2 years. The bigger the roster the shorter they will support individual models I imagine. 

R.I.P RS19 


Edit: I guess this is how they force their customers to buy new wheels since there hasn't been much of a reason to since the release of the RS19 (to me personally) 

I imagine my next wheel will be sufficient for my needs for at least 6-7+ years, so when I buy that I will just buy 3-4 of each spare part at the same time to prolong its lifespan. 

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RS V1 was a nightmare. The latest RS shares almost nothing with it- different motor, different hangers, different shells, different controller. 

If you have RS V1 and any major component fails, sell the remaining parts and cut your losses. 

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If all you need is a charge port cover, it should be possible to have one 3D printed with reasonable results? I get that the wheel may eventually require other parts more crucial to its functioning, but this will also eventually be true of all wheels. But as RG suggests above, there may indeed come the time to part with the parts which maketh the whole.

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