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Charging: jump in voltage during CV phase?


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Charging my OG Sherman with a MCU controlled 10A charger I recently noticed this bump in the CV phase.
The jump is about 0,2V right up before it starts to curve again.

Anyone see an explanation to this? (edit: it was the charger fan turning off)
If it is just the chargers programming it wouldn't matter I suppose. (again, not sure if it was always like that)
But if it was a symptom of an actual problem it would be best to figure it out.

Thanks for any help!

edit: I figured out it happens at the moment the cooling fan of the charger stops, so at least its not something strange on the battery side.


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It almost looks like an error. Like the time for those values are unavailable. I say that because it jumps in voltage as and continues charging like as if it never stopped. The resulting curve is basically a continuation of charging before it changed.

Then again, it could be some sort of balancing circuit that's turned on. Balancing is then finished and the final charging continues.

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Thank you for the replies and the possible theories @alcatraz. It turns out it happened just when the chargers cooling fan turned off, probably resulting in a jump in current. Thus while not elegant, it probably doesn't matter much, and at least isn't the batteries acting strange.

Thanks again and have a nice day.

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