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InMotion V8S tire change - how to remove small flaps from wheel body

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So I'm trying to change out the tire on my V8S and I'm struggling to remove the flaps at the bottom of the wheel body so I can access the tire. I watched a V8F disassembly video on Youtube (couldn't find one for V8S) and in the comment section and a couple of people said they found a notch in the metal pin that allowed them to slide it down and remove the flap. I haven't found a notch in mine, and even after applying a lot of pressure trying to pull the wheel body out I still can't get the flap pin to dislodge. Do any of you know the proper way to remove the flaps?

Thank you in advance!

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If memory serves, the flap needs to be open (wide) for the outer shell to rotate enough to come off. Then afterwards, if you still want to remove the flap you can do so by unscrewing the two screws that hold its axle down onto the inner shell.

The rotation is tiny but can require a lot of force if there's dirt in the interface. (There are two screws beside the flap, that secure the shell cover, remove those first.)

The motor needs to come out for a tire change. Be careful with the connectors on the motor wires. They easily crack. Best use pliers to wiggle them off, and grab only the bottom (closest to the board), and not the top of the connector. Be careful with the smaller and fragile hall sensor wire.

Don't over torque the motor shell bolts because you can crack the plastic. Get them snug but not insane. Large washers are useful here.

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Ah so the V8S doesn't have the same two screws for the flap as the V8. In the V8F disassembly video here they said you need to pop it out by applying outward pressure (8:30). I'm not sure if the V8S is built the same way but I can't find any documentation, and even after applying what seems like a ton of pressure, I still can't get the flaps off. Here are some photos of the V8S flap, and I actually used to ride a V8 so I also included a photo of the V8 flaps for comparison.

I'm at a loss here, so if any V8S owner knows how to get these flaps off, you'd be a huge lifesaver! 

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It looks like you should be able to push the pin to the side with pliers on this one as well.

 There’s a cavity for the excess pin here:


So you’ll need pliers that can grab the pin well enough. Angled needle nose for example, and then rotate the pin back and forth if you don’t get the pin to slide otherwise:


Once the pin has moved enough, the flap should become free on the left side at the above photo.

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