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Inmotion V15 = V11F?

Finn Bjerke

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I wonder which one of those belongs to the Adventure series, and which the other one is. Maybe the 16” suspension wheel is small enough to fit the small wheel category, and V11F is the Adventure?

 For a reminder, Inmotion had said that going forward their modular designs will allow them to publish wheels with a faster pace and in four categories: Small wheels (V8, V10 and the like), Adventure (off-road torque), Challenger (fast like the V13 “Challenger”), and Explorer (big battery).

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I assume V11(f) is not a small wheel bu adventure ??  The real challenge with V13 is the lack of range I find.....

Maybe V14 and V15 are not part of this modular strategy its just a summer 2023 thang ?   The modules will come later perhaps ??

PS : Dont get me wromng I love my V11 and my V13

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