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How can I discharge a broken EUC before storage?

Knight Rider

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     I charged my V11 too much I have 93% power but I can't ride it as is because the inner tube won't hold in air and it's making the turning horrible. I don't want the batteries to degrade what do with all this power? Is there a way to discharge it safely?

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Relax. A couple of days or even a few weeks won't matter. When storing LiIon we're talking months or years. Then 50% is the better charge level.

Just focus on fixing the tube. Maybe try slime and so you won't need to take it apart. It works best with slow leaks.

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30 minutes ago, Knight Rider said:

I tried to free spin the wheel but after 2 cut outs it wouldn't turn on even after rolling it backwards. I was able to turn it back on minutes later. How to do you guys free spin your wheels?

I have a Kingsong, so no anti spin button, just pick it up and keep holding it until the wheel stops spinning. Mine doesn't turn off but I've only done it once. Just jumped back on and kept going to work.

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