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Local price of electric unicycles from where you are at


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Prices below are in US dollars.


(sources are: inventist.com, solowheel.com, engadget.com)




(as of 10/21/2014)

Solowheel Original $1790

Solowheel Orbit - (preorder) $2595

Solowheel Xtreme - (preorder) $2295

Solowheel Spirit (not available in USA) - (per Engadget article) $1199

Solowheel Cruise (not available in USA) - (per Engadget article) $1499




Prices below are in RMB:


(Data sourced from several conversations with Arbee - as of 10/21/2014, (RMB$1.00 = US$0.16; or US$1 = RMB$6.12)


Gotway 14-340wh - RMB$3500 (approximately US$571.80)

Gotway 10-340wh - RMB$3500 (approximately US$571.80)


International shipping will cost approximately US$200-US$350 for each electric unicycle package.  Airfare to Hong Kong will run you about US$800-$1400 depending on the season.

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