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  1. GQS

    MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    Have you guys seen these bent valve stems before? Might they work for our tubeless conversion? https://www.amazon.com/Show-Chrome-Accessories-5-802-Degree/dp/B00HYYNW5K/
  2. GQS

    My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Consider using thick braided metal loom connectors instead of the thin solid strips. This rebuilt 620wh mten2 pack gives you an idea that you can solder a pack reliably.
  3. So my mten3 inner tube got a puncture last week on the way into work. I was able to ride to work but it went completely flat by the afternoon (which is when I realized I got a flat). I filled the tube back up with a hand pump, god help me that took like 300 pumps to get it filled, I will get a foot pump next time. I could barely hear a very muffled hiss and it took over 30 minutes to deflate. This made me think that the hole was a pin price and not a gash. I tried to lever the mten3 tire off but broke 2 of the 3 plastic tire levers. I was hoping I could just do a rubber cement round patch, but the tire was not cooperating in this cold weather. I bit the bullet and bought 16oz of dirtbike innertube Slime. They were not kidding that it was a mess to use. I overshot the fill a bit and I think used 6/7oz instead of the recommended 4oz. It sealed the tube up immediately, no more hiss sound. I filled the tube back up to 45psi and it has been holding steady for 2 days. The Onewheel guys put slime into their tires from the factory and it's given that product a greater amount of tire reliability. The mten3 tire is ridiculously thin, I can't imagine how that innertube won't inevitably pop. Slime should help, or add an hard innertube protector against thorns, or convert to tubeless and use slime again. A small bottle of innertube slime (get the innertube one if you have an innertube, it is thinner and meant for a different pressure) is around $4 on Amazon, get one because you will need it eventually.
  4. GQS

    Can you change Mten3 LED lights?

    The rainbow color is silly, it would be lovely if it can be a solid color.
  5. GQS

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    My mten3 tube just got punctured. Debating whether to patch or to do the tubeless conversion. Did the Amazon short tubes work out for you? If I patch, I need to get the puncture protection tape between the tire and the inner tube. Sadly, most of the hazards here in San Francisco tend to be broken glass gashes versus small thorns. Not sure if slime can cover glass gashes.
  6. GQS

    Gotway Beep Code

    I am asking specifically for the mten3 but i think might be universal for all the Gotway 84v models. I didn't get a manual for the my new Gotway mten3. I'm not understanding some of the beep warnings. I turned off the first two beep warnings via the app and also turned off tilt-back. -- From Jane Mo in another post: first speed alarm, 2 beeps per second second speed alarm, 3 beeps per second third speed alarm, 4 beeps per second 80% power alarm, 5 beeps per second(continuously non-stop beeping without pause) less than 7.2km/h, low voltage,1 beep every 2 seconds less than 14.4km/h, low voltage, 2 beeps every 2 seconds more than 14.4km/h, low voltage, 3 beeps every 2 seconds hall sensor defect, 2 beeps every 1/2 seconds PCB high temperature alarm, 2 short beep 2 seconds, tilt back to get rider off the EUC, tilting back and forward after stopped extreme low voltage power on,1 beep 1 second,totally 5 beep fall down,1 beep 1 second, total of 5 beeps over voltage, 3 short beep 2 second, tilt back when riding downhill ---
  7. GQS

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    Here an Ebay link to a 10"x3" innertube. The 10x3 looks fatter than the 10.2.5 by a bit. It also has the bent metal valve stem.
  8. GQS

    MTen3 Trolley Handle

    I'm not a big fan of luggage handles without a button. I like to rest my hand on the handle when pushing it and the non-button ones collapse slightly. I'm going to try the button handle from my mcm2 on the mten3.
  9. GQS

    MTen3 review I found this evening... weird.

    Its pretty funny. I do like the round handle on the Luffy better, the square handles on the mten3 cuts into your hands after a while, but not as bad as the mten1 or mten2.
  10. GQS

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    Personally I prefer an inner tube so I can add a puncture resist tape on the inside wall of the tire between the tire and the inner tube. Of course that would not have helped your "explosion" damage on the stem. Great idea on the pressure monitor cap, I will add one also. What pressure do you run?
  11. Compatible Non-Vendor Apps: Wheellog - Compatible with most Gotway wheels for logging and alternative display options here. I've gotten feedback from other users that the Wheellog app is compatible with all of the Gotway wheels without the signup requirement. Consider this app for Android if you want a faster setup. Wheellog can now set the stiffness riding level. More coming...
  12. *** This is for the Android app only, don't ask about the iOS app in this thread, go do a search. Edit: The Gotway Apple iOS App is here. Don't post about the iOS app in this thread. *** Work in progress, please let me know if I need to make corrections or have omissions. Thanks in advance. I didn't see a guide on using the Gotway Android App so I wanted to start one. --- Overview The latest Gotway android app is "0213 v1" released on Feb 12, 2017. The link is provided by Jane Mo (link deleted by @Chriull). Compatibility is for: Gotway 18" Msuper3/3+ Gotway 22" Monster Gotway 16" Tesla Gotway 14" ACM Gotway 10" Mten3 Gotway 10" Luffy The link is provided by Jane Mo (link deleted by @Chriull). Let's call this the Series 2 Application. --- If you have an older EUc such as: Gotway 18" Msuper v1 Gotway 18" Msuper v2 Gotway 14" MCM 2/3/4 Gotway 10" Mten2 You should use the older "Gotway App Version 3.4.52" released on Jan 28. 2015 by Verachai Chanchanbunloet (link deleted by @Chriull) Let's call this the Legacy/Classic Application. Although the numbering starts with a 3, this is a prior generation app and the number should not be construed as being newer than the Series 2 application versioning. * Gotway 5", Gotway 8", Gotway 10" Mten1 and Gotway 14" MCM 1: Neither has the required bluetooth modules on the mainboards and thus do not support any application. The above links are provided directly by the vendor and neither this forum nor I warrant or guarantee these apps or links. Use at your own discretion. --- The Gotway Series 2 Application Manual: Installation: Download the apk file. You need to allow installation from unknown sources in order for this to install. You must allow all permissions for this to work. You require internet access to connect back to the Gotway server in order to log in and setup your account. Most of the motor codes require that you indicate a China location, leave that alone. The phone number field is actually asking for a login name or ID. You need to have your motor code ready in order to register this account. Once you have this information, you click register and it will either confirm or give you an error if you gave a bad motor code. Usage: Log in. Search for your gotway, do this away from other gotway unicycles. Then connect. More coming... --- The Gotway Legacy/Classic Application Manual: Installation: Download the apk file. You need to allow installation from unknown sources in order for this to install. You must allow all permissions for this to work. Usage: You need to connect to the bluetooth Gotway module manually in your bluetooth connections settings outside of your app. Open your app then select the already connected Gotway unicycle from the list. You can access the stiffness menu with a long press of your Android overview button (unless your 3rd android button is already configured to menu). Madden is the stiffest setting. More coming... ---
  13. With the padding, you can manage to compensate for any directional tendencies through your foot placement and shin pressure. But switching from the msuper to the mten always trips me up due to the significant difference in handling and power.
  14. GQS

    When and where to ride a Mten?

    The mten and mten2 needs to have the additional padding added in order to ride comfortable. I find the stock wheel to be very hard to ride and control as it is entirely through your feet versus your feet and legs. I like the mten and mten2 very much also and is nimble as heck.
  15. Ray


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