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  1. I ended up getting full finger. Decided more protection is better. It turns out to be not as hot as I worried. Still pretty nimble.
  2. Do you guys recommend a full finger glove for riding EUc or will a half finger suffice? I see some folks just riding with wrist protection without gloves. Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Esso, the mten3 is a totally different animal than the old mten1, mten2, and luffy. The specs on the mten3 exceed the old mcm3. The mten3 can definitely be a starter wheel but it no longer has to be. If you only do city riding, the mten3 is capable of being your only wheel.
  4. GQS

    Best Stand for MSX ?

    I second the 3d printed ones. I got 2 from duff at eucarmy.com since i am in US. Go to eucguy.com if you are in europe. Shipping is logistically easier.
  5. The owner should be given the benefit of the doubt for his version of events. But in everyone's mind, I am sure we have our own doubts on whether we ourselves would have been charging our wheels during "therapy session"... I think there is a desire to top off the battery if opportunity permits. Although we've all seen that video of that IPS that caught fire while the dude was riding it in his apartment hallway. i guess it COULD spontaneously happen. Use your Charge Doctors and keep those battery packs at no more than 80% for max life. Stay safe.
  6. Send it off to have it powder coated, anodized, or get the truck bed rhino coating for best durability. Spray paint will flake off and look terrible after a few weeks.
  7. I have a mten1 with planetary gears, and gears sound very different and much louder than the MSX. Its a whine that increases with RPM and very loud (like you can hear it from 20 feet away). If the noise is a concern, the new Nikola has a much smoother power delivery and is just as strong as the MSX without the same sounds (from what I read from the new reports).
  8. It has a top speed of 12mph.
  9. I'm pretty certain they make that pattern in 18x3, but the website is probably not comprehensive as to the offerings. The CST-C1488 is supposed to be a very soft rubber, i bet if feels good riding. I worry about wear and puncture with it though.
  10. Discharge the cell to less than 30% power, risk of thermal runaway resulting in outgassing and fire is prevented with low cell charge.
  11. This is the correct pattern for the CST-C1488. More info on this website, but I cannot read french, german, danish, or polish. Maybe you will have better luck.
  12. I've seen cell pack repairs done with solder (to existing welded tabs) instead of spot welding. I believe spot welding the tab to the cell is to resist movement tears, but you can use slightly longer copper braid to solder two welded tabs together as long as you secure them.
  13. GQS

    Power cord for MSX?

    An international plug adapter might be cheaper than a cord. Consider just adapting the plug to US. The local dollar stores have the adapters.
  14. I genuinely tried my hardest to shave down a automobile tire stem, boiled it in hot water, lubed it up and still I was not strong enough to pull it through the original hole. I suspect enlargement of the hole is necessary to use a stock automobile stem. This is what forced me to find the micro-stem. The micro-stem snapped right in without any hard work, no heat, no lube, just a gentle consistent tug of the blue string and it snapped through the stock hole. Here is my shaving efforts on the automobile tire stem. Still not good enough.
  15. I heard out of all the 18x3.0 options, that the H-666 is probably the best compromise. The H-666 is supposed to have a smoother riding feel (even thought it is thicker harder rubber) and is more stable and easier to turn then the stock H-5102. I did hear that the CST-1488 tire is also a nice soft tire that has the same feel as the old MsuperV3 but in 3.0 width, but is soft and susceptible to glass and thorns and such. Can't wait to hear about your experience with the H-666 18x3.0 tire. I might get one myself from the ebay vendor if your experience is positive.
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