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  1. GQS

    MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    I bought the larger car tire stems and tried to shave them but they ended up being much too large still. I didn't feel like drilling the hub hole. I bought this micro-stem (ebay link), and it fits the stock hole perfectly. This micro stem is the same one that Gotway uses at the factory I believe. Just get this to make your life easier. It is significantly shorter and thinner than even the short small car valve. I actually pulled it through the hole with a string.
  2. GQS

    New MSX with Pedal defect.

    That's very interesting. Neither of my pedals touch the shell when closed. I had thought it was a design feature because it prevents scuffing on my shell.
  3. I tend to agree that having your knees bent at 90+ degrees does not allow for a lot of leg based control. Raising up the seat sounds like the way to go. The tip about using your hand is perfect, I will do this to stabilize. The MsuperV3 seat is no longer available anywhere sadly, otherwise that seems to add like 6 inches to the seat height. I was told that the Msuperv3 seat fits well on the MSX but that it was made from a harder material and less comfortable than the MSX seat.
  4. I recently got my MSX and it took a few days to get used to coming from the mten3 form factor for over a year. I just got the MSX seat for it and it looks and feels good. I wanted to get tips on how to sit down on the MSX. I mean what is the best way to do it and things to watch out for. So far, I am able to touch my butt to the seat but as soon as I apply any pressure, the wheel swings left and right like it wants to kill me. It wobbles and is fairly unstable butt driving the wheel. Give me advice to help me fulfill my dream of riding the MSX sitting down cross legged with a food platter on my lap eating a burger and drink at 25mph.
  5. GQS

    Msuper 680wh V1.. I think..

    This model was known as the tank for being almost indestructible. It was the first long range wheel. There are photos of modified versions being taken on thousand mile road trips to Tibet. It's a solid wheel that you can't really go wrong with. This was not meant to be a starter wheel, so it will likely still be pretty good if you don't have another newer version.
  6. I can't wait to get a pair of the pedal pushers. They are a great idea. PETG is stronger in layer-to-layer adhesion than both ABS and PLA. But how much stronger is the question. The fender survives normal lean against wall backward falls without shattering or coming off. Honestly I don't think anything attached externally will survive a 42mph "Vano" crash.
  7. GQS

    Msuper 3 vibration

    What is the tread design? Can you post up a photo of the tire?
  8. It's been an incredibly wet rainy season here in the SF Bay Area these past weeks. After getting a MSX from a friend, the first mod I did was to install a fender so I don't have the water on my back. The Gotway factory MSX fender is a great solution, flexible and durable. I didn't like that you had to drill into your case and I didn't particularly like the way the factory fender looked. So I looked into alternatives. I found the following on Thingverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3230717), a design that was modified from the msuperv3 fender (THANK YOU Stephen for the creating and sharing the file for the MSX fenders). The Thingverse photo was this, and I was in love. It was sleek, it followed the lines of the case, it didn't require any drilling, and it didn't cost much more than the Gotway factory fender to have it printed in PETG (vs PLA) and shipped to me. They key to printing this is to ensure that you print it standing up vertically so that the clips have the most strength. PETG has much stronger layer to layer adhesion than PLA and since PETG is a copolymer like Nylon, it will eventually be biodegradable to some degree versus non-biodegradable PLA. PETG also doesn't cost much more than PLA, unlike ABS or TPU (note: TPU won't work because of the clips needing to be able to grip firmly). Even thought it was printed in a black color, it is very green . I wanted to confirm a few things since feedback on the Thingverse site was sparse. I spoke to the Thingverse file creater, Stephen S., who mentioned that several guys in the SF Bay Area group is already using it on their MSX without issue. Fitment is good but there wasn't much other feedback. With that, I went and used the normal fender file without the stand and without the logo. I used the file completely as-is without modification. I used a company called 3dhubs (https://www.3dhubs.com/) to print this with the instructions that they print it standing up with a single filament line across the clips. They took about a week to print and QA the item before shipment. It costed me the minimum printing amount of $35 shipped. You might get it cheaper if you print 2 or play with the infill and layer settings. This is what I received after 2 weeks and $35. The company 3dhubs did an awesome job printing it. A single filament across the clips as you can see by the horizontal lines when standing it vertically. Packed securely and they even included their QA form signed by the tech. Installation was straightforward, PETG is pretty flexible like ABS and fairly strong if you printed it vertically as instructed. Just squeeze the bottom and slide it up. Make sure you push the bottom clips OUTWARDS with some force to ensure full engagement. It was hard to see that I was not fully engaged without a flashlight because I printed it using black material. Fit is great, it is snug but not too snug, the material is strong. As you can see there is some cosmetic gap at the top. But fully functional and has good clearance from the tire. The clips are snug to the point that I am confident that it will not come off during normal riding. Isn't it beautiful? I didn't see any posts specifically about this fender so I wanted to write this up to encourage you guys to try it out if you are on the fence.
  9. Price dropped to $250 picked up.
  10. Hey Marty, what rear view mirror is that and do you recommend it? Although the Exo Scorpion Covert has great field of view, I still have to turn my head quite a bit to see behind me.
  11. The mten3 is mostly waterproof against rain (water from above). Riding in wet roads is fine but going through deep puddles is what can cause problems. Just avoid going through puddles if you can. Small puddles are fine, but puddles that go up past the tires and rims touching the motor pan is what you want to watch out for. Waterproofing would likely involve silicone on the motor pans and where the wire enters the circuit board compartment. You can just add extra soft silicone filler where the wire goes in. I mean I rode it through heavy rain and it was fine until I rode it through a fairly deep puddle. Even then it fully recovered after drying for a few days, no permanent damage. I suspect the mten3 is in fact "waterproof" against permanent damage via shorting, what I experienced was likely some kind of impedance short for the halls sensor.
  12. GQS

    Help. Gotway Seized under section 165

    Can we just get an insurance rider or endorsement for it under an umbrella policy?
  13. So it has been raining dogs and cars here in San Francisco last week. They called it an "atmospheric river". My mTen3 has been ridden in light rain many times before without issues but this time I rolled through a 2-3inch deep flooded drain puddle and all was fine until I tried to use it again in the afternoon. In the afternoon after turning it back on, it was jerking when I was trying to ride it. It behaved like it had a loose axle nut. I opened it up and apparently the wire bundle got wet and affected the halls effect wire transmission of the signal. The halls wire is the only thing that I can think of that can cause symptoms like this. I left the shell open and dried it for 2 days next to the heater and there is no damage. It works great again. I am off and riding once again. I have more than one mTen3 (originally for flat tire puncture swap outs) so a few days downtime on any one unit is no big deal. The circuit board and upper compartments were totally dry. Bravo on a good design Gotway. There did not appear to be water intrusion into the hub motor either. The axle nuts were tight. The wire bundle from the motor was visibly wet. Drying it with a towel did not immediately fix the issue. It required air drying for a few days. I will try to insulate the wire bundle better next time with longer, thicker shrink wrap. I will be careful about riding through even small puddles going forward. Just wanted to share. But no damage, riding great today. Just a temporary quirk if you get it too wet. Don't freak out, just dry it out for several days. Wanted to share. Picture for attention.
  14. GQS

    New Gotway Mten3 / Onewheel Hybrid

    It needs a fender like the OneWheel. The open design will throw all sorts of stuff at your pants.
  15. GQS

    My new Mten3!

    Yup, that's what I did, I stuck filler material on each side. No more sliding. I found the spacer but too lazy to put it back yet.