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  1. GQS

    My Mten3

    That's so cool. You and Kuji are able to jump your heavy wheels.
  2. GQS

    Mten3: 325wh vs 512wh

    I'm a bit late to this discussion, but I also recommend you get as big a battery pack as you can afford right off the bat. The voltage drop is not necessarily linear, and having a higher voltage for most of your ride will give you better performance and a better experience (with a larger battery pack). The mten3 is a great wheel running 84 volts, I like it a lot. I have the 512 and would never consider the smaller battery packs to save a few bucks which I will regret down the line.
  3. GQS

    Mten3 512wh so much fun

    Consider swapping out the pedals with mSuper or ACM pedals, I hear that makes a big difference for the mten3.
  4. I have a couple of changes to my mten3 on the way. innertube to tubless conversion new symmetrical tire from segway minipro mSuper3 pedal swap out some type of trolley handle The stock tire is terrible and too unstable. Hoping the new symmetrical tire tread will improve the situation. My feel also hurt a lot after riding for 15 minutes which makes my normal mSuper 45 minute commute not possible even though the mten3 is a faster wheel. I attribute this to the small pedal size not supporting my arch and the upward inner curve of the stock pedals. Sometimes I have to carry the wheel which isn't fun for anything longer than 2-3 minutes. A trolley handle will be a great addition, I just have not found a suitable one yet.
  5. GQS

    Mten3 pedal grip mod

    I like the idea of switching the pedals out with larger mSuper pedals. I'm going to do that after switching out the tire with a more symmetrical tread version. I also have foot pain after riding the mten3 for 15 minutes. I'm hoping larger pedals will address that as well.
  6. I saw the unicycles as well. They are using white solowheel classics. Actually ALL of the Cirque du Soleil use Inventist Solowheels. I think "O" had one and "Mystere" had one as well.
  7. GQS

    Solowheel WIRING - Anyone ?

    The most common problem with the original Solowheel is a dead battery that cannot be recharged because it is below the BMW activation threshold. This is in part to the design that the "off state" of the Solowheel requires active close circuit across your power switch. Meaning it uses power continuity across the switch to turn off the wheel, this design can lead to draining the battery in as quickly as 30 days to an nonchargeable voltage. You can tap into the wiring directly to try to charge a dead pack back up. If you roll your wheel on a power treadmill, you can also see the LED light come on as well. But will take you hours on a treadmill to bring it up to a usable voltage assuming none of the cells died from the low voltage condition.
  8. GQS

    Tesla 67 Volt Vs 84 Volt Performance Differences?

    The only thing I notice going from the 84v to a lower voltage wheel is that the brakes are not as strong going down a steep hill. I live in SF and there are a lot of hills here, always scares me when switching to a lower voltage gotway when decending a hill after riding a 84v wheel.
  9. GQS

    Larger MTEN3 pedals

    The correct position of the mSuper3 pedals is a V shape versus an A shape right? Referring to the slope of the pedal edge when moving forward since it is a parallelogon shape? OK I made a picture, is the proper forward position of the pedals the A or B position?
  10. GQS

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    So do I use the orange tubeless fluid or Slime for tubeless? Slime for inner tubes didn't last very long in my mten3. I bought the new Type II tire and will go tubeless when it comes in.
  11. GQS

    Larger MTEN3 pedals

    The stock mten3 pedals are awful. I'm glad I found this thread. I don't need wider pedals for my size US9 feet, so I don't need the Tesla pedals, I think the slightly longer mSuper pedals like what houseofjob has would be great. Did you guys with larger pedals experience greater comfort over long rides, or it is a control thing, or both?
  12. GQS

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    Of course I find the video as soon as I ask. Here is the teardown video link:
  13. GQS

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    I wonder if the Segway MiniPro Valve Stem is shorter, the top rubber is definitely different. Did you use tire lube on the bead? Did you use a compressor versus a hand pump? I found it helpful as the lube acts as a sealant temporarily and you need a lot of air very quickly to form a seal, a hand pump won't do it.
  14. GQS

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    This is a really comprehensive list of 10" innertubes with metal valve stems that point parallel to the rim versus perpendicular to it. . Thanks for these links, it should be very helpful to everyone, IMO the inner tubes will all have problems when mated with the stock mten3 tire. Between the thinness of the outer tire for puncture, the abrasion of the inner tube against the outer tire for wear induced tears, and proneness of the metal valve stem catching and tearing the underlying rubber inner tube, the original setup is not idea. Although initially i had a puncture, it appears that i have the same issue with the metal stem area ripping out (and I did not use any valve stem attachments). I'm ready to try the tubeless route if I have to change out the tire anyways. But will keep this as a handy backup just in case. Your rock houseofjob. The short tubeless valve stem that they used in the Gotway video for mten3 tubeless conversion looked shorter than what is available here. I wonder if they have a different one over there.
  15. GQS

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    Your tube was probably twisted when inflated and this was facing outwards when a thorn punctured it. My mSuper innertubes are twisted all over.