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  1. The mten3 is mostly waterproof against rain (water from above). Riding in wet roads is fine but going through deep puddles is what can cause problems. Just avoid going through puddles if you can. Small puddles are fine, but puddles that go up past the tires and rims touching the motor pan is what you want to watch out for. Waterproofing would likely involve silicone on the motor pans and where the wire enters the circuit board compartment. You can just add extra soft silicone filler where the wire goes in. I mean I rode it through heavy rain and it was fine until I rode it through a fairly deep puddle. Even then it fully recovered after drying for a few days, no permanent damage. I suspect the mten3 is in fact "waterproof" against permanent damage via shorting, what I experienced was likely some kind of impedance short for the halls sensor.
  2. GQS

    Help. Gotway Seized under section 165

    Can we just get an insurance rider or endorsement for it under an umbrella policy?
  3. So it has been raining dogs and cars here in San Francisco last week. They called it an "atmospheric river". My mTen3 has been ridden in light rain many times before without issues but this time I rolled through a 2-3inch deep flooded drain puddle and all was fine until I tried to use it again in the afternoon. In the afternoon after turning it back on, it was jerking when I was trying to ride it. It behaved like it had a loose axle nut. I opened it up and apparently the wire bundle got wet and affected the halls effect wire transmission of the signal. The halls wire is the only thing that I can think of that can cause symptoms like this. I left the shell open and dried it for 2 days next to the heater and there is no damage. It works great again. I am off and riding once again. I have more than one mTen3 (originally for flat tire puncture swap outs) so a few days downtime on any one unit is no big deal. The circuit board and upper compartments were totally dry. Bravo on a good design Gotway. There did not appear to be water intrusion into the hub motor either. The axle nuts were tight. The wire bundle from the motor was visibly wet. Drying it with a towel did not immediately fix the issue. It required air drying for a few days. I will try to insulate the wire bundle better next time with longer, thicker shrink wrap. I will be careful about riding through even small puddles going forward. Just wanted to share. But no damage, riding great today. Just a temporary quirk if you get it too wet. Don't freak out, just dry it out for several days. Wanted to share. Picture for attention.
  4. GQS

    New Gotway Mten3 / Onewheel Hybrid

    It needs a fender like the OneWheel. The open design will throw all sorts of stuff at your pants.
  5. GQS

    My new Mten3!

    Yup, that's what I did, I stuck filler material on each side. No more sliding. I found the spacer but too lazy to put it back yet.
  6. New price $300 picked up around SF Bay Area.
  7. GQS

    My new Mten3!

    The only other thing I did was to switch out the tiny mten3 pedals with mSuper3 pedals. Works great, much more comfy.
  8. That tire is exactly the correct one. Those automotive stems will not work. You need a micro stem like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192610853975 I reached out to the seller, they will have more stems next week.
  9. I have a unopened Inventist Iota Iotatrax unicycle forsale. I ordered it from the kickstarter and it finally came in but i have no intention anymore of trying to use it. It is still new in box, never ridden. Selling for $300 cash picked up.
  10. So like several of you, I got my hands on a "Type II" Segway MiniPro tire from the internet (eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/142519100754). Our OEM tire size is 70/65-6.5, that's <overall diameter> / <tread width> - <inner diameter>. There are two wheels in this size, the original that comes with your mTen3 and the type II that are on the newer Segway MiniPro's. The advantage of the new tire is that is is slightly more symmertrical versus the asymmetric tread of the original tire. Also the Type II tire is naturally rounded at the tread as part of the mold process, the original tire is actually flat across the tread when uninflated but stretch out to a bulb shape when filled with air. The Type II tire is slightly thicker and less stressed at the center of the tread because it is naturally rounded. The Type II tire is a tubeless tire and can work with a tube or tubeless. I recommend that you do the tubeless conversion at this time if already you have the wheel off. You need a special micro tubeless tire valve stem made for PEV's and not the ones made for automobiles (eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192610853975). Do not get a regular full-sized car [automobile] tire valve stem, it will NOT fit the smaller hole on the mTen3. I used a nylon string to pull the micro valve stem with ease. The new tire's max recommended pressure is 35psi but will safely take 40-45psi if you are exceptionally heavy. But really anything over 30 makes the tire feel like a rock. The new tread is much more stable at speed, and the tendency for self steering is greatly reduced. The stock tire is almost unrideable even before the 3rd beep, but now I can stay in the 3rd beep zone on the sidewalk for extended periods of time. If you are a slow speed rider, you will not see too much difference but as the speed increases, this new "type II" tire will be better, mind you it won't make you stable like a mSuper, but definitely noticeably more stable than the asymmetrical stock tread. The weave pattern makes it feel a little more knobby if you fill it to max pressure but not noticeable at lower pressures. This modification is a non-brainer improvement for the stability. If you have an mTen3, I recommend that you consider changing out the tire to this new tread pattern ASAP. And do the tubeless conversion while you are at it.
  11. This video was made by Sonny Wheels, not me. He bought a mTen3 315wh and had a bad BT module. The seller eWheels promptly sent him another BT module which he installed and documented in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDRhAT8l5Yo
  12. Sorry for the bad links, they worked before. This seems to be the official link now from the kebye site: Gotway App Webpage
  13. GQS

    My Mten3

    That's so cool. You and Kuji are able to jump your heavy wheels.
  14. GQS

    Mten3: 325wh vs 512wh

    I'm a bit late to this discussion, but I also recommend you get as big a battery pack as you can afford right off the bat. The voltage drop is not necessarily linear, and having a higher voltage for most of your ride will give you better performance and a better experience (with a larger battery pack). The mten3 is a great wheel running 84 volts, I like it a lot. I have the 512 and would never consider the smaller battery packs to save a few bucks which I will regret down the line.
  15. GQS

    Mten3 512wh so much fun

    Consider swapping out the pedals with mSuper or ACM pedals, I hear that makes a big difference for the mten3.