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Veteran Sherman Negative Miles (Latest Firmware)


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When riding today somehow my miles flipped into the negative. The wheel is counting up (was at 2100 before. Flipped to -2100 now is -2092.8) Would anyone have any clue what could cause this this or how I could fix it? I know that this was a known issue with the 1.0.56 firmware but my Sherman has the latest 1.0.58 firmware.



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52 minutes ago, Tawpie said:

I think it's a firmware thing... update thread here 



I'm currently on the latest firmware that I know of (1.0.58). I am not experiencing a negative temperature right now just negative milage. Odd I thought that 10.0.58 was supposed to fix this issue. 

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I also got the negative around the same mileage. I haven't really cared to look how to "fix it", because there is nothing to fix if you add 2100 + 2100 + 2100 over and over again you'll know the true mileage. However, this does become a problem if attempting to resell it as it doesn't show the true mileage. There may be issues with this going into the negative that I have not considered...

Also, I watch a youtube of a guy in Australia (Arc Rides) who has the sherman max and I think his shermax is not experiencing the negative. Not sure if his read in kms or not (he's gone way above 2100 miles). Not sure why this may be. Also not sure of his firmware. Ask him on his channel what firmware he has?

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