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  1. Thanks! I'll definitely look at that as a better alternative
  2. I recently damaged the headlight on my MSX 84v in a crash and was wondering if it would be possible to use a single MSP headlight in place of the original (if that would be any brighter). The current headlight is acceptable but it doesn't reveal obstacles very well at night. If anyone has any other suggestions for an upgrade I would be glad to hear them.
  3. Have you ruled out the possibility of it being a bearing issue? if it is, you could buy yourself new bearings and save yourself some money that way.
  4. I can't speak for the MSuper v3 and MSX shell being interchangeable but if they are, I would go to ewheels and get the MSX shell parts there. from what I can see, the MSX shell looks like it would fit but the shell has LEDs which aren't on the v3. So you would have holes where those should go. I don't think that they are selling the shell for the v3 as it can't be found on any of the usual websites. Good luck repairing your wheel. Hopefully your batteries are still good.
  5. I know this is late but, there isn't a speed alarm above 38mph or ~61km/h. An alarm at 71km/h is most likely the 70% power alarm. Meaning you are using 79% of the max motor power. This is the alarm the be respected. Pushing past this puts you in danger of overlean. Ride safe!
  6. When I first started riding my MSX I did the same thing and from what I've experienced, that death grip leads to speed wobbles as well. It gives you a lot less fine control over the wheel which will obviously come with time. All I can recommend is just practice and learn to carve on the wheel it will allow for you to recover if you start wobbling at high speeds. Good luck and happy riding!
  7. I am by no means the most experienced rider in the world (1000miles on my MSX) but I have spent my miles carving all over the road for the most part. The one thing that I have done in the past 2 months or so has been turning using heel-toe. When turning, push the heel corresponding to the direction you want to turn into your footpad. At the same time, lift your opposite heel and push into the front of the footpad. There is more nuisance to it that I can't put into words, you'll just have to see for yourself. using this method you should be able to essentially, throw the wheel in whatever direc
  8. Thanks for documenting these occurrences. I was teetering on the edge but after reading about so many issues with the Veteran chargers, I think I'm going to buy the ewheels rapid charger so I can worry a little less that the charger is going to kill my wheel.
  9. Of course! Thats useful to know although, I am considering swapping the fan on my MSX to get rid of the noise and maybe improve cooling.
  10. Is that the same guy who rode it down a flight of stairs on a flat tire and ruined his rim if so, that was just him being dumb in my opinion. Exactly, I ride down stairs on my MSX. I understand that it's not good for my wheel but I run my wheel around 40 PSI. I understand that it is probably going to damage my wheel but it's something I enjoy so I will continue doing it.
  11. That is a good way to look at things, I will keep that in mind if I ever run into any colorful individuals. The worst that has happened to me so far has been when I got pulled over and told that my MSX was a toy vehicle. I just agreed and rode off on the sidewalk like instructed. Haven't been stopped since. Thank you for the painting tips! I just watched his video and will look into doing that with my Sherman once I get it. I was thinking of getting a riding backpack but I think that finally pushed me over the edge.
  12. It is a normal behavior. I don't know the exact temp but at lower temps the fan will "pulse" It will only run constantly at higher temps. (Source: My MSX and videos I have seen on the MSX)
  13. My Sherman is arriving in May and this thread was quite entertaining and very detailed. It was really nice to hear about your experiences with the Sherman and only has me more excited. Hopefully people in my area are a little nicer. I live in the college part of my city so I mostly just drunk idiots yelling when I ride by. I have to know though, how did you black out the rim on your Sherman? That seems like an awesome mod and I'd love to do it to mince once it arrives.
  14. I ended up tearing apart the wheel and after a lot of work on the wheel I have found several cracks on the shell that are leading to the shell being shifted on the motor. I fixed it with epoxy for now but I'm afraid I will need a new shell to get a more permanent fix.
  15. I have a Gotway MSX and it fell while going around 10mph and now the tire is rubbing against the inner shell. The left side of the tire is rubbing. It's almost like the tire/motor is shifted a few degrees compared to the shell. Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this and/or suggest a quick fix. My only thought would be a pedal hanger.
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