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What is a good Knobby or hybrid tire for V11 ?


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Hi, as my V11 tire is getting old (4000km) I am starting to think about the replacement one. Is there any Knobby or Hybrid tire model that fit on V11 AND give it a good carving ability. I want to avoid terrain tracking behaviors as much as possible.

Thx in advance for you imput !

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A while ago somebody posted a picture of his V11 with a Kenda 244 knobby tire fitted on it on the r/electricunicycle subreddit. That tire is normally much too big to fit the V11 so I PMed him about it. He said he was able to make it fit with some pretty major modifications of his wheel (like drilling a new hole for the axle/hangers or sth. similar) but he also said he loved the tire. You should still be able to find the post there, the thumbnail showed a very conspicuous V11 with bright blue 3D printed parts/mods.

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