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My 16X make random beeps when riding. is it a warning for something?


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Once in a while as I am rolling, it would make 3 quick beeps. I have never gone over 25 mph (usually cruise around 20 mph) and my first warning is set to 28 mph and tilt at 30 mph.  Happened twice today as I was riding. Wouldn't want to ignore a potential warning that can cause issues...


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The only time I hear a series of beeps is when I hear the overlean alarm because I accelerate too fast. It can also be triggered when just accelerating slightly if you go over a bump and have to catch your balance while your center if gravity is to the front of the wheel. Shouldn't happen while just cruising.

On a side note, I would never set the tiltback on my 16X at 30 mph. Not enough safety margin. If you're a lightweight you can risk 25-28 mph. Personally I keep it at 25.

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Happened when battery was under 30%. I may not have realized it, but I probably accelerated hard. I remembered as soon as the beeps went on, I slowed down.


Another time, I was cruising and went over some pretty rough bumps which kind of lifted my feet off the pedal for a split second. Almost crashed.

Gonna really pay attention next time. It's hard to because you are having and suddenly it beeps and you're not exactly sure what caused it. 


I guess it's good to know that the beeps most likely came on due to my actions vs a possible faulty euc.

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