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Gyro issue 16s kingsong


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Me and my wife have 2 euc kingsong 16s, and recently 1 wheel started having calibration problems. I've tried to calibrate it like 20 times and issues persist. 
So how it looks like. At first after calibration everything is fine, but after like 20-30 sec wheel looses it's upright position and rotates left or right  by 15-20 degrees. When I move it around like 180 degrees around myself I've noticed angle changes from left to right with similar deviation. 
Also when I pull it up by grip and place back on earth then it stands upright, but only like 2-3 sec or so and then slowly deviates to some direction by 15-20 degrees. 
My assumption is obviously gyro sensor went crazy, but all I could find on this in internet can be fixed by recalibration which does not work for me. So I am thinking maybe I should change gyro completely. And here I notice there are no spare parts for gyro itself. So probably I have to change complete motherboard.  As an alternative I was thinking of changing firmware on euc somehow(didn't find yet how though) or maybe there is some kind of hard reset functionality.
Any ideas what it can be?
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I had one new malfunctioned board of KS-16S.
Every reading (classic mad beeping) of EUCWorld was "confirmed" also by small balance dip (like when you manualy change tilt for 1°), so after EUCW connection wheel turned to the front for few degrees and in a few sec later it completely rebalanced back to the normal position - very strange behaviour. Calibration tries didnt helped. And after about 100km it started random cutouts. No visible dmg on board.
New board solved it.

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