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  1. interesting video (and yeah, they block cars nicely O.o ) I would be very interested if there is any chance with AVD... video how it works (or this). Probably only with bigger 3kg+ ones (= not carriable in a bag).
  2. another interesting chinese video, 3pcs together (really not very high quality of video)
  3. I started with KS-16S (680Wh) and I must make a note: do not start to learn riding EUC on big/complex/top class. You, or better said EUC, will often fall, thats normal learning process (with increasing probability of higher class EUC). And make a scratches/dmg etc. is easier acceptable on cheaper thing (well, it stills hurt a mind as sooner or later you will be addicted to your EUC).
  4. Nice work @Seba, together with my "new" Pebble2, its super. If I can suggest you something (I know you already have tons of ideas) - I would be very happy to have two web features: comparation of two Tours (to see difference in riding style, weight, wind etc. in graphs. Btw is there zoom?) and also folders to sort all on my records. I really enjoy all the numbers, graphs etc.
  5. Im currently using KS trolley handle as a holder of my simple bike helmet too (yes, i will buy better protection), its simple and effective (cos Im so brave, Im traveling by subway without it, people are less scared. Lets see what will happen in full body armor... Robocop incomming). Anyway, thanks to all!
  6. downhill video (same hill) few hours old. tip: slow down the replay to 0.25x speed to see suspension work
  7. I tried to find any experience with "Flip" type of motorcycle helmet (not sure its correct EN therm for this), failed. Here is link to CZ eshop with example. It looks interesting, certificate covered both front mouth shield position and also flipped back (more wind - cooler, free to speak/listen). So you can choose position depending on year season and/or conditions (rain/speed/terrain/traffic etc) thanks for comments.
  8. I think they did some . Inside one older Jack video is one scratched enough (with probably new front bumper):
  9. Hello, I didnt find answer, so I created new topic. Anyone more experienced with Power pads (jump pads also?) can tell me if there is any real space/comfort... problem with knee+shin guards? Im preparing better protective gear for my future KS-S20 and I dont know if I would be able to use knee+shin guards like these for example Acerbis EVO 3.0 (CZ shop). Just a general Power pads question, I dont expect KS-S20 tester will answer me... thank you
  10. 36sec of new video of hard terain tests (uploaded 5d ago on YT by euc life)
  11. good point, well, yes and no. Daily we see how people (bikers, scooters, we - EUC, pedestrians, car drivers etc.) use the shared space and are (or not) willing to left some space for others. Ah yes, I also do mistakes... and I will deal with reality What Im trying to say is that AVAS was just helping less then I hoped.
  12. I dont know whats the experience of others, I hoped AVAS will help prevent some situations. Unfortunatelly I must say that >90% people that already ignores their surroundings, ignores also AVAS. KS-16S volume on max and default EUCWorld AVAS. OK, i can use some BT speaker or different sounds, but I dont want to be "a train" just for prevention (and the nerves with BT sound not connecting randomly...). Maybe sound of bike can be familiar more to people subconscious? "cricket"? (sound of bike riding on "neutral" - no pedaling) Hard to find correct words in English. Anyway, nice function
  13. +1, just installed it on Pebble 2, works! (its necessary to not install it from Rebble app store directly - the result is incompatible app. Correct way is to install it from pbw file as it is in video. Tested: EucWorldPebble_1.0tv_all)
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