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  1. OK, thanks guys, I agree, maybe I over reacted.
  2. eh, I have pre-order of S20, Im a bit scared now. I hope Jack did not left KS because of some fatal failure KS in S20 what he "promised" (spec, quality...) to us. Edit: highly speculative and unverified.
  3. just idea - headlights have two parts: Left and Right - does it make any sense using them similar way as a rearlight for signalizating EUC turn? It will not substitude rider hand, it would be just cool maybe.
  4. S20 Headlights: @Jack King Song 15° angle for tiltable headlights - its great idea, but is that enough tilt? I often commute over shared way for cyclist + pedestrians. I would like to use EUC headlights at evening but not to vaporize pedestrians with 40Watts . (And I would not ride there 70km/h with request to see behind corner) Is it also dimmable (could be in few steps)? Sometimes its good to be seen by others better (foggy, late afternoon, alley of trees with shadows during sunny days) but not necessary to full fire lights. Plus in some countries (ex. Czech) cars must h
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