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Convert a V12 HS to a V12 HT


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Would it be possible to convert the V12 simply by switching out the motor and rim? I am looking at buying a used V12 HS, and one concern I have is the weak rim.

Sure, in my daily commute I am willing to baby the rim, and would appreciate the extra speed of the HS motor. But eventually, I could see myself buying a V13 or something similar as my daily commuter, and would then desire the torque and durability of the V12 HT motor and rim for a play/trail wheel.


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The main board is different as well (has different MOSFET and related heatsink to cool them).

The battery packs might be the same? Or there could be some firmware differences and incompatibilities (although unlikely)

The tire is different and not easy to source at the moment (tho I ordered one recently, not cheap)

In short, it's probably easier and less expensive to resell the V12 HS and buy a new HT. I expect most dealers won't have a V12 HT board available right away also.

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Thanks for the feedback, you are probably right about it being cheaper and easier to just sell and buy a HT. Though, I also worry about breaking a rim on the HS and wonder if I would have the option to switch to HT as I replace the rim anyway.

Are the new mosfets the same as what is coming on the replacement boards being sent out for the HS right now? As I understand it, they can handle higher voltage than the originals.

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