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EUC World trip mileage skyrocketing + alarm weirdness

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I recently got my Nikola AR+ back after warranty repairs, and EUC World is sometimes now having my trips distance skyrocket to over 750 miles. It isn't affecting the total distance on my wheel, that's still at ~2000 miles. During the trip I screenshotted I only went a little over 2 miles according to a GPS Speedometer app I had running


I also had a glitch where it didn't send the wheel alarms to my Bluetooth speaker. The setting was turned on, I had to restart the app for it to work. Has only happened once but was a scary instance. I'm not sure if it was just the "Use Wheel Alarms" setting didn't work properly that one time, or if all EUC World alarms were affected during that time, since I only ride with the gotway 80% beeps and a temperature alarm, and I never reached the max temp.


I believe Alienrides put my Nikola AR+ on the most recent firmware, as I had to enable the Speed/Distance sent in miles per hour setting as I previously didn't. EUC World is on version 2.18.1


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It could be a BT signal issue. Getting random hi numbers on distance it a symptom of low BT signal quality on gotways, maybe some of the motor wires are running over the BT module inside the wheel, maybe your phone's BT antenna is not great. 

You can change the miles/metric setting on new firmwares on the wheel, using this web client, to rule it out. 


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