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Begode Hero (tire & shock options)

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Looking for tire/shock options for the Begode Hero. If you have the Hero , what tire and/or shock option did you choose or did you stay stock?
Making this post so it is informative for others to find information for this wheel.

ME: Stock knobby, stock suspension
Stock knobby tire  just likes to veer off every little imperfection in the road resulting in constant user input to correct to stay straight. For me it likes to veer LEFT all the time. Wheel doesn't wobble but the over correcting is a strain on my feet and calves over period of time . Carving seems to help elevate the symptoms of the tire behavior.  Haven't felt this with any tire on any EUC before.  I hear many reports from others about this stock knobby behavior for this wheel.  I'm not concerned about the shock yet but I might be in favor swapping it out if i need to, as I feel the suspension is not working as it should when traveling faster than 15 mph over rough pavement (but it really isnt a deal breaker....yet)


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FWIW, I recently put the Chao Yang H666 on my RST I got from EWheels and love it. It’s great on road and much better off road than the CST stock tire it came with. I bought 2 tires and 2 tubes for $130.00 includes shipping.

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I put a Kenda 262 tire and dnm ao-38rc (190x50) shock on my hero after 250km on the stock set up. 

The 262 is much better on the road than the stock cst. I think off road would be about the same. 


I've ordered a Michelin city pro for the hero to try it out though. Did a few races on a go kart track on the hero and the turning is really poor, so hoping a street tire would help

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