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Any replaced their KS16X pads?


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Back a few months ago I took a nasty fall and scraped up the 16X. All is well, but I've been considering replacing with my own pads that would accept Clark pads well. Has anyone ever done this or have ideas for the material to use? I would likely make all the new pads flush with the panels and put relief holes where all the screws are underneath.



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3 hours ago, MKader17 said:

Has anyone ever done this or have ideas for the material to use?

I saw one person that replaced their pads with some sort of foam, it was functional but far from pretty.

The sides of the 16X underneath the front and back pads are quite smooth, you'd be able to carefully cut velcro strips for the entire area and it'd look good and give you lots of area to stick on aftermarket push pads. The cush is about the same as the stock pads, which don't "pad" much in reality.

The center pad is a bit trickier as there's a depression built into the shell underneath it. @ArieKanarie designed a 3D printed filler for it but you need an accurate printer because it's a close tolerance fit. I have a set printed by @RockyTop that works extremely well. I don't know if KS changed the shell or not, they did make the center pad stick out further on newer wheels but I don't know if that's just the padding or a shell change… if they changed the shell the insert won't work properly.

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