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FS: new V11 + accessories (Tacoma, WA)

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Would anybody like to buy my brand new V11 + all of its accessories as a bundle? I've ridden* it like 5 feet total, I probably won't ever ride it again (it's too scary lmao), and right now I'd prefer to have the money instead. I live near Tacoma, WA btw.

pics: https://imgur.com/a/qUH9O8j 

*ridden = while trying to learn how to ride an EUC last summer, I was able to successfully mount the wheel 4 times, and immediately bailed each time. There's some cosmetic damage (a scratch) on the wheel from the 4th bail, which was on concrete. I haven’t tried riding it since that 4th bail, and it’s probably been powered on for a total of 45 minutes since I bought it.

Here's a list of all the accessories I bought for the V11, along with the retail prices of everything (these prices include the taxes + shipping that I paid):

$1,999 - Inmotion V11, 1500W Battery, 2200W Motor, Pedal Suspension

$79.00 - Inmotion V11 Seat

$65.00 - V11 PowerPads

$119.00 - Inmotion V11 Premium Honeycomb Pedals

$19.00 - eWheels Branded Wrist Guards - XL

$150.00 - 84.2v/5A Rapid Charger (Model: JR-T450)

$48.48 - Inmotion V11 Black Crow EUC Stand + Charger/Pump Holder

$109.99 - Leatt 3DF Knee Guards 6.0 - BLACK - LG/XL

$192.85 - Troy Lee 7855 Long Sleeve Armored Shirt - BLACK - XL

$39.99 - Leatt Velocity 4.5 Goggles - BLACK/LIGHT GREY

$24.95 - Giro Bravo Gel Cycling Gloves - BLACK - LG

$29.99 - G-Form Pro-S Clash Shin Guard

Total that I paid: $2,877.25

What I’m asking for the entire bundle: $2,700 (please feel free to counter-offer)

Important notes:

I’m selling this all as a bundle, and not as individual items, because I honestly don’t think I’ll end up getting into this hobby in the long run. Better to clean off the shelves entirely and cash out all at once.

I unfortunately can’t drive the wheel to you, so you’ll have to either be able to pick it up from my house or pay for shipping + instruct me how to ship it to you.

I did some custom padding work on it with some baby-bumper stuff I got on Amazon (you can see the extra padding on the first picture), pretty sure I just copied a technique from ChoochTech.

The V11 has its original packaging.

I ordered this wheel on May 30th, 2021 and it arrived to my house on July 14th, 2021. Not sure if that gives an indication as to what batch this wheel came from. I know that there’s some stuff said about earlier batches having wheel-bearing water-leak issues, and I confirmed with eWheels Customer Support back in July via email that my wheel is not from those earlier problematic batches.

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@starvalentino I learned on a V11. If I can do it you could too. The first two or three days I thought I’d made a mistake.  After a week or so things started falling in place. It was harder at first then I thought it would be. I can tell you now. It’s worth the frustration, I use it all the time now. It’s transformed the way I travel in my city. It’s becomes an extension of your body. I have a thread in the learning to ride section here if you want to see how my progress went. Reconsider the steep learning curve, it’s worth it. 


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On 2/15/2022 at 11:07 AM, Denny Paul said:
  1. If you think there's a chance you can still learn again, you should absolutely keep trying. By the sounds of it, I think your expectations were high; people don't learn this just by taking off and going. Having a more structured approach helps. Knowing that most people learn over the course of 1-2 weeks helps too. Here's overall how I teach others. Step one: stand on the wheel holding a pole or a wall and just get comfortable on it. Don't try to move. Step 2: while still holding the wall, get comfortable with giving the wheel some input. Ie: more weight on your right foot vs left foot, more weight front than back, back than front etc. Step 3: go to a grocery store or big box store and borrow a shopping cart and get moving. Goal is to put less and less weight on your hands. Once you've done that, then it's time to give it a shot without any crutches. 
  2. I think you'll have more of a chance making a deal if you break up the bundle. It's very rare that you'll find someone looking for a full set up of gear, even rarer that they're looking at the same set of kit as you or value it remotely close to what you're asking for.

Best of luck to you.

Hey man

1. I appreciate you writing out all that advice, thank you. I do want to get skilled/get over my fears with an EUC at some point, because it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. But at the moment at least, unfortunately, I kinda need the money more than I need the wheel. This time next year or the year after, I can definitely see myself giving the EUC another shot, and I'll make sure to try the shopping cart trick too.

2. You're absolutely right about that. I'll be relisting it everywhere as just a tricked-out wheel. And actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I'll probably just save all the accessories for myself (will most likely need them again in a year or so).

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I also learned on a V11, I also understand needing money. 
sell it for now but MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK! 

when you are cashed up buy the v11 again, price will have dropped after new models and you can say hello to an old friend again.


it’s really so worth learning, better than money. 


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17 hours ago, Forwardnbak said:

I also learned on a V11, I also understand needing money. 
sell it for now but MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK! 

when you are cashed up buy the v11 again, price will have dropped after new models and you can say hello to an old friend again.


it’s really so worth learning, better than money. 


Solid advice, thank you! I think I'll just keep the seat and stand too then, because you're totally right, I will probably want to just get the V11 again when I decide to buy another wheel.

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