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Veteran Sherman 2021 (V2) SOLD! Netherlands, Amsterdam


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Selling almost brand new Veteran Sherman V2, Charger included.
Its the "new" 2021 v2 version. Pillars new, wider Rim. New water proof(er) Screen with black buttons.
Veteran Sherman: 3200wh, 2500w, 75km/h+, 100v

The person it was for can't ride it and I don't have use for it myself.
I bought it in 10. August 2021 from Voltride.com and received within a week or so.

Ridden for only 7 miles.
Charges to full.

I still have the original packaging in good condition and can ship it in it.
The Veteran works flawlessly and nothing is wrong with it except for a few small scratches under the pedals and on the bar for having fallen on its side while at standstill on concrete. I can send pictures on

It doesn't have mudguard or seat and the pedals are stock pedals.
I have attached the power pads that came with it.

I am happy to answer questions regarding the Veteran Sherman.

Price is 2000€ EUR / 1690£ GBP / $ 2290 USD. Shipping included.

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Price lowered
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16 hours ago, Snaheli said:

Price reduced to 2000€ EUR / 1690£ GBP / $ 2290 USD

can you share pictures please?
Also, is shipping to the US included in the new price?

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I'll add pictures today when I get home! : )
I'm estimating the shipping to US is between 250-350 USD with UPS. I have not considered the shipping to be included in the price but I am happy to talk about it so both parties are happy.

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38 minutes ago, Snaheli said:

Certainly! But whoever wants it and I come to terms pricewise, I'll ship it wherever. :) 
Here are the pictures, included pictures with the small scratches it has:

Thanks for the pictures.

Which distributor did you buy it from?

Does the distributor have the ability to help you ship it at a discounted rate to the USA?

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18 minutes ago, Snaheli said:

I bought it from Voltride.com.
I am afraid that the distributor doesn't have any incentive to help me sell the Sherman as I don't think it would benefit them in any way. I can ask though.

Ask if they can provide you with a shipping label at their discounted rate.
eWheels in the US helps their customers ship wheels by providing their discounted rate via FedEx.

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8 hours ago, Snaheli said:

Sorry, no luck with the shipping label discount. But I am willing to pay for the shipping myself.

So the price is 2000€ EUR / 1690£ GBP / $ 2290 USD. Shipping included.

I appreciate the price and shipping included. But I'm going to hold off on getting a new wheel for now. Thank you and good luck

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  • Snaheli changed the title to Selling Veteran Sherman 2021 (V2) 2000€ EUR / 1690£ GBP / $ 2290 USD. Shipping included. Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Snaheli changed the title to Veteran Sherman 2021 (V2) SOLD! Netherlands, Amsterdam

Bit delayed but to answer the question: Does Voltride warranty apply to new user after selling it? Yes, as long as the new user has the order confirmation, they told me that the warranty is valid.
Voltride has been really friendly with me and I would recommend them! : )

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Thank you so much @Snaheli for giving the opportunity to help my friend purchase your wheel.

For future online reference @Snaheli has been a perfect seller and just super nice guy, with whom I had the opportunity to video call to to establish a relationship first and then following up the sale between my friend and him over group chat.
Initially, there was a tricky problem to solve of buying an expensive item remotely without prior knowledge or reputation; I'm happy we solved it smoothly with great results.

This EUC was not the right PEV for your current context at the moment, but I'm sure you'll get back on what works for you later on :)

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