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  1. I'll try that next time I ride. I did notice catching myself today while it was tilting right and I think it might be my legs not used to the heavy wheel (coming from ks18xl). Thanks for the response!
  2. Cool. Have you noticed it tilting towards your right leg? Not sure why mine is doing that and wanted to know if anyone else experienced this. Thanks
  3. I also have a first batch RS HS and was thinking to change the tire because the wheel is tilting me to the right and I have to battle it while riding. I was thinking it's the tire. Have you gotten the k626 and put it on yet?
  4. Hi Meso, If you know how to coordinate and pay for the shipping to Canada from NY, I'll consider the sale to you. Let me know via direct message center. Thanks
  5. KS 18XL - 18" wheel - 1554Wh Battery - 2200W Motor Bought from eWheels in May 2020. Around 130 miles on it so far. Need to sell in order to upgrade to possibly an MSP. I'm maxing out the speed of this wheel (31mph). The wheel is in great condition aside from pedal scrapes. Comes with original box, charger, & cover by roll.z This is a great wheel for anyone looking to upgrade from a smaller wheel or anyone looking for a cruiser with great range (approx 40-60 miles, based on rider style). Send me a message if you're interested. Looking prefera
  6. Hi Paxton, I have a King Song 18XL I'm interested in selling, as I need a faster wheel. The wheel goes 31mph max and has a range of around 40-70 miles based on your riding speed. I got it from eWheels a few months ago. You can see pictures of it at my craigslist post: https://longisland.craigslist.org/bik/d/great-neck-electric-unicycle-ks18xl/7159483550.html I'm looking for $1800.00 if you can cover the shipping. Thanks -Dave
  7. Hi, I have a King Song 18XL in like-new condition (aside from pedal scrapes) with around 100 miles on it. It's great for cruising. I love the large 18" tire. I just need more speed. The wheel's max speed is 31'ish. I'm located in Long Island, NY but willing to ship to you (if I can work out the shipping label with eWheels). Looking to sell for $1800. Interested? let me know you can see pics of it here: https://longisland.craigslist.org/bik/d/great-neck-electric-unicycle-ks18xl/7159483550.html
  8. When can we expect the official information on this new wheel ??
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