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rail shipping from China to East Coast US on the 'trans EurAsia rail' (New Silk Road) - would you choose it for delivery?

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If shipping your latest Chinese EUC purchase (or Christmas stocking stuffer, an electric hedge clipper? or whatever) to the US east coast on the 'New Silk Road' (trans Eurasia container rail) was a consumer-level shipping option would you choose it? 


OOCL Logistics promotes trans EurAsia shipping of containers by rail from Xi'an China to the US east coast. 

OOCL Logistics - OOCL and OOCL Logistics Launch Rail-Sea Service from China to US East Coast

The route ships containers by rail to Kaliningrad, feeder rail to the port of Bremerhaven, and trans-modal container shipping to New York City and other ports on the east coast.



On the east coast, news about container ship traffic jams outside the port of Los Angeles has been a frequent source of media-reported concern for shoppers of Chinese-made holiday gifts. Marinetraffic.com shows the container ships waiting to arrive for offloading.

For the port of Los Angeles (10-11-21) 

146 vessels in port, 64 expected arrivals

port-of-LA-10-11-2021 — ImgBB (ibb.co)

For the port of Hong Kong (10-11-21)

1013 vessels in port, 165 expected arrivals

port-of-Hong-Kong-10-11-2021 — ImgBB (ibb.co)

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Definition of trick question

: a deceptive question that is intended to make one give an answer that is not correct or that causes difficulty


I guess it could be

snoopy-christmas — ImgBB (ibb.co)

Some YouTube vids look really impressive in terms of rail quality.

(245) New Silk Road - Container trains from China (Part 2) - YouTube

Boston upgraded it's container crane capability with a focus on larger Panama canal ships

(245) Three enormous new cranes have arrived to upgrade Boston Harbor - YouTube


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The East Coast is already easily accessible via the Suez Canal, a modern and spacious facility.  The reputed concentration of the USA's electric unicycle facilities in southern California must be owing to a different conspiracy.  In any case, a rail link would be a sensible backup, but "New Silk Road" misses the target by a whole ocean!  The plumb obvious train-track route would go northwest to the Arctic, then south through Canada.  A few bridges would have to be built, but I expect China would gladly build them.  Poured-concrete diplomacy is what the "New Silk Road" is all about.

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2 hours ago, Toad said:

"New Silk Road"


2 hours ago, Toad said:

but "New Silk Road" misses the target




Rail shipped containers go by trans EurAsia rail to Kaliningrad, then feeder rail to Bremerhaven for transloading to ship.

OOCL Logistics - OOCL and OOCL Logistics Launch Rail-Sea Service from China to US East Coast

 Bremerhaven is a high capacity port according to the YouTube video. Trans Eurasia rail Probably makes more sense for European markets.

Supposedly faster by rail than by ship via suez but perhaps less secure than by ship only. Returning the containers from the US back to China might be an issue but that's the business of the shipper.

total guess-timate 4800 miles /50 mph / 24 hr/day = 4 days without motion interuptions. Heck...the commuter rail around where I live hits 70 mph between some stops.

Brought to you by the friendly rail people of Kazakhstan and a few other countries along the way ?

Does Russia still ship military equipment on the trans siberian rail, if the route section to Kaliningrad uses trans Siberian rail ?

2 hours ago, Toad said:

Poured-concrete diplomacy

(concrete rail ties) may already have been implemented.


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