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SOLD - Begode MCM5 V2 - Los Angeles

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Just got this MCM5 V2, haven't even put on the side pads yet. It has 14miles on the odometer. This is the newest version with the larger Nikola pedals and the handle hole goes all the way through. The V2 also has the wider 2.5" tire and higher pedal hangers for better ground clearance. No bluetooth speakers on this one. I have put some bumper pads on it and can remove it for the new owner if desired. NOT a SINGLE SCRATCH on this wheel, not even on the pedals. Will ship with original box. It's actually charging right now on its first charge.


$1200 shipped to Pacific, Mountain, and Central time zones.

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FYI, this is not the same wheel that I sold in April, that one had the regular sized pedals and only one handle hole on the right side.

This is another brand new MCM5 V2, because I wanted to try one with the larger Nikola pedals. This one has the handle hole all the way through, it's the newest version.

Yes, I know I have an addiction :rolleyes::D

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