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  1. Here is an opportunity to pickup a 2 day old MCM5 for a bit of a discount. I literally received and opened the box two days ago. I rode the wheel around my neighborhood and now it has 5.5 miles (8.87 KM) on the clock. There is NOT A SINGLE scratch on the wheel. This is the 84V 800WH V2 version with the 2.5" wide tire and higher pedal hangers. It has the stock pedals which I've learned is the same size as the ACM/Tesla/MCM5V1 pedals. This version does not have the bluetooth speakers. I bought this new from Freemotion and have not registered the wheel yet, the new owner can still register the wh
  2. Mine are 8" long and I didn't buy from ewheels. I must have the Tesla ones. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hello guys, Inmotion guy and new to Gotway rider here, I just got a new MCM5 v2 and need some help from the Gotway folks. I'm trying to figure out if I have Nikola pedals on my new wheel? Can someone take length and width measurements of a Nikola pedal? Extra credit if you take pics! Thank you!
  4. I'm selling a 16X I recently acquired from another member here. The wheel is in excellent condition and only has 242 miles on the clock. I bought it because I was curious about non-supsension wheels; I also have a V11 which is my primary wheel. I convinced myself that I would get the wheel to teach my wife, but she is just not interested. Lol. The only bad thing I can think of is the red sticker is starting to peel off in the back, otherwise it is perfect. The wheel only has a few scuffs but no crash damage. I have taken plenty of pics which can be seen here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7VE
  5. Vans are more flexible on the sole. These will be way stiffer. In my experience, shoes that are too tight in the width cause foot fatigue the most. That’s been my experience, but I also have wide feet.
  6. That's great Paulo, glad you like it. So will you keep the V11 or sell it? If keeping it, then why? I really want to know why have both wheels? The answer will determine if I get a second wheel or not. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Very interesting Paulo, I have a V11 as my first wheel and am considering a smaller second wheel. How do you feel about owning both of these? Are they different enough to justify the cost of having two? Do you have a situation where you prefer one over the other? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I've been getting a lot of foot fatigue on long rides and have found relief by using wide stiff shoes. What shoes are wide and stiff? Answer - Flat pedal shoes used in MTB! These shoes are stiffer than skateboarding shoes, so much so that they are not that comfy to walk long distances in. However they have superb grip and support for flat pedals on MTB riding. You know what else has flat pedals? EUCs!! I find that these flat pedal shoes give perfect support for our sport and superior grip compared to other shoes. I went with Five Ten Freerider DLX but there are plenty of other
  9. I’ve been starting to go on longer rides and my feet are killing me. I’ve read on other posts that it’s just foot muscles adjusting, and that is part of it for sure. But I noticed that when I switched to wider shoes, it made a big difference. I have wide feet and the foot movement during riding my euc really makes my feet fatigue faster with normal shoes. If you have wide feet, try a shoe with more room in the box part of the shoe. Cheers!
  10. I used PVC tube to make the built-in kickstand a little wider: 1) Get 1" Schedule 40 pipe from hardware store 2) Cut to desired length 3) Use heat gun to heat the tube - wear gloves and heat slowly or it will make dark brown burn marks 4) While tube is soft, insert into the stand and bend it with gloved hands to make both ends touch the ground at the same time while the middle touches the tire. Some pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/EGf7AFT76vfu4jAa8
  11. @Rawnei I believe you need to do an unlock in the app to get the full 55kmh speed. I have not tried it but here is what I found: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/19540-1st-batch-and-2nd-batch-inmotion-v11-electric-unicycle-suspension/ Cheers
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