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Problem with bluetooth KS 16X AUDIO


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Hi I just got an 16x.


I hated the beeping sounds for everything on the wheel so I had seen on this forum an module I was able to drop on my USB and plug it into my wheel to limit the beeps the file was called "UPDATA"

Now I can't connect to Bluetooth speaker nor change the volume of the speaker.



Also when I go to Bluetooth I see strange device0LzjvAZ.png

I see the king song but when I click on it it always says "wrong pin" even when I don't have pin on my device. And the 692X_UPDATA wants to connect to my phone and asks for pin but I don't have any pin

This is what I followed 


Hope somebody here can't help me how O can fix it. I tried ref lashing ROM in EUC World but it didn't help. Also enabling music thought there didn't help.


Hope somebody knows how to fix this issue

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Also forgot to add that I can connect with app normally. The app says to me that I need to upgrade the app and redirects me to site not working and when get into the official app it says I need to upgrade to 2.03 but when I do that the app crashes with the wheel in update mode I used EUC World to be able to install 2.02 but can't install 2.03

Also tried to use honk in app. No sound turning volume up also no sound

Not to forget when I connect USB with music on it I don't get the notification about playback


Just overloaded the wheel. Didn't get the warning. Of overloading


TL;DR after following an tutorial by @Jack King Songmy speaker doesn't work, cannot connect to it (Bluetooth speaker) er even when trying to use "honk" in ks app it doesn't play a sound. 

update: I managed to upgrade the wheel back to 2.03 using an Iphone, but the prob;em with not working bluetooth speaker/not working speaker continues.



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  • Qbus changed the title to Problem with bluetooth KS 16X AUDIO

is there any kingsong rep here on forum that can help me? I think a bluetooth rom should fix that, cause the wheel shows as an unprogrammed bluetooth module.

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1.no REP here anymore.

2. I make updata module update and work for me good.

3. You shure you make updating bluetooth wia usb  when BT audio was enabled?

4. Try diferent phone and wait 10+ minutes EUC sometime need long time to BT be ready for conection.(after first sucesfuly pairing conect in seconds) 

5. kingsong app i never use prefering EUCWORLD.

You do/make something wrong propably BT module is independent on FW is just "own" module. 

What you mean overloaded? 5 fast beeps? or not beeps from you ks16X? Why you say Netherlands if you phone is in polish?

Try forgot all BT devices in phone and dont forget turn on LOCATION manualy BT in phone need LOCATION for working!

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. Thanks for info will email them

2. Will try

3. Yup will record later how I'm doing it

4. Tried iphone, oneplus, Sony

5. Yes I know

I'm Polish but live in NL 

The speaker stipped working completely so no warnings for overload etc. When trying tto turn volume up I don't get the volume sound or when I click horn 


Tried forgetting





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Bummer. The beeping sounds come from a physical beeper, not the bluetooth speaker so you wouldn't have been able to get rid of them with this file.

The purpose of that file was to make the wheel not say "Bluetooth is connected" when you power it up, it has no effect on the beeps. There is another file that you can upload that will restore the "Bluetooth is connected" prompt but I don't know if it'll fix the other speaker problems.

To play music, you have to connect bluetooth to "Kingsong Music", since you don't have that option I'd try undoing the upload. 


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