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what did you do? — getting a EUC overseas


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I have an InMotion V8F in Philadelphia I'd like to have in Milan Italy within the next few weeks.

It weighs about 35 pounds and has a 560wH battery, so I can neither take it with me as a carry on nor check it.

If you solved a similar problem, how did you ship it (i.e. what carriers and services), what did you pay, how long did it take, and was is safe (e.g. tracking and insurance)?




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This can be done, but it isn't the easiest thing to do, or the cheapest...

I recommend you contact a shipping broker and to get a quote. They should be able to provide options for both air and sea freight, including approximate travel times. 

If it helps, I would estimate about a week by air and 3-4 weeks (or more) by sea. 

Note: EUC can be shipped by air, but as they are considered DG (dangerous goods) it can't go on a passenger flight. And for both air and sea there can be (small) additional delays as they need to be "accepted" by the pilot/captain (after considering what other DG may be in board).

Hang said all that, you should consider the cost against alternatives...

If this is a one-way trip, it may be cheaper to sell your V8f and buy another one when you get there. And if this is just a short- term trip, then renting one may be an option. 

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Good luck! Most airlines will not take large Li-ion batteries. There have been deadly fires that have killed crews. 

Notice all EUCs are shipped by boat? There is a reason for that. EUCs contain too many battery cells to be shipped by air.

Notice all the EUC fires? (Thanks GW/BG!)No air freight company will take it, IMHO

How long will you be in Italy? Might be easier to buy a used EUC and sell it when you leave.


If you are going to ship by a freight service:

Clean it out: All dirt removed (gets you past the agriculture inspectors)

Drain the battery to about 20%.

Disconnect the battery packs, ensure the battery wires "leads" are covered with electrical tape to prevent sparks

Disconnect the control board from the motor, tape any leads.

Pack it well, lots of padding. Include a user manual in the box. Include your shipping address and name.

The box and EUC may be opened for Customs and drug inspections, you might want to take the panels off and wrap them in bubble wrap. Take hard to replace bolts and screws with you in your luggage. Assume everything will be taken apart.

insure it well.


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