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v8f tiltback


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Just got my first EUC, the V8f, and can get on and off fairly easy, and trundle along around 10mph after a few practice sessions. I have the speed lock still in place, so 16 mph, and after running the battery down to 40/45%, I thought I was getting vertigo going down a straight stretch about 10mph, which I think was a mild form of tilt back. My question is, would this be happening at a higher speed if I was unlocked to the full 22mph ( is it proportional to the capped speed), or would I get the tilt back around 10mph either way? It'll be awhile before I can test it myself, I'm getting wobbles at the 10mph mark, need the legs to sturdy up.

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You wouldn’t get tilt back at only 10mph if you unlock it to higher speed. I had a v10 and a v8 at one point, never a v8f specifically. So to be fair, I’m basing my thoughts on my experience with those wheels, which I imagine behave similarly.

Inmotion likes to do an encroaching max speed soft tilt back. It’s still a tilt back, just not as drastic of the one that’s at the max speed setting. Usually this kicks in 2-3 mph below whatever the max is set to.

as for wobbles, that’ll go away with time as you get better at balancing. Try weighting one foots heel and the other foots toes. It doesn’t matter which, and you can switch mid ride. Should help stabilize and damp out minor wobbles. 

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Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Second time actually riding instead of circling around a tennis court, and each time I was magically better. I'll probably drop the cap down to 11 or 12 mph, and get a feel for the whole tilt back thing before getting stupid on it.

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