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Found 19 results

  1. So some time back when pushing my V8F (which I was giving for others to learn on, so it's got a couple of bad drops..) and letting it jump over a small curb - it started vibrating like insane, power button didn't respond, had to free spin-kill it to turn off. Later riding it and hitting some curbs also did the same, but my body weight stops the vibrating in a second or two. Opened up, tightened all control board screws, didn't help. Checked the pedals - right one is not upright - could this be the cause of the crazy vibrations? Tried tightening the axle nut, no luck. Tried wedging stuff/keeping the hanger straight, which sort of worked.. until you put weight on it and the bottom slips to the frame side once again. I inspected the axle a little, didn't seem broken or bent.. I didn't clean it up, tho, so a bit of a half-assed inspection. Now wondering if the thread could be stripped/damaged where it sits when tightened.. What would you try out - new hanger? Send to a shop to swap out the axle? Or maybe some red threadlocker in hope that it will hold the pedal upright? This is an aliexpress wheel and this issue is probably from all the people I was teaching dropping the wheel, so probably no warranty stuff? Unless someone has a different experience with these kind of issues? Dropping 300€ because of one piece of metal possibly being stripped feels... wrong.
  2. Hello, there are some rumors about V8/V8F/V8S not having balancing, also heard something about V10 not having it. That looks not plausible to me for V10. About V8 I heard some cases where the range dropped significantly and it was found the cells were not in balance. Mr Wrong Way warns people about it in his videos. So I would be glad if someone could solve this mystery. Is there someone who had teardown their V8 pack and inspected the BMS?
  3. Hey guys! I'm looking to sell my wife's V8F which she only used once to learn on but gave up immediately, unfortunately. Now I'm trying to sell this wheel to get her an Mten3 to hopefully get her back into it with a less "intimidating" learning wheel for her. I'm looking for $1K and will include the original charger, EUC stand, and shipping via eWheels label. Jason told me he can provide me with a discounted label. Please feel free to message me for inquiries. J.
  4. I bought the InMotion V8F a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed learning to ride. I've already put nearly 300 miles on it. When I was first learning to ride, I bailed at around 18-20 mph when it was wobbling hard and I didn't know how to stop it. It ended up smashing into a curb, and that crash has caused some minor cracks in both the inner and outer shells. I have since repaired the cracks with plastic putty, and I have also tightened the axle with some Loctite after it came loose and began to vibrate. Now, whenever I lean the wheel to the left far enough (away from the control board side) it begins to vibrate, but not when upright or leaning right. I've made sure to tighten down everything pretty well, and I'm still confused as to why it vibrates only when leaning to one side. It's more of a nuisance than anything, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this annoyance, let me know.
  5. Has anyone added any padding to their V8/V10? I am determined to add some but I'm not sure where.... or how.... or when.... Is your V8/V10 padded? Show us a picture!
  6. **SOLD 9/22/21** In early 2020 I purchased my first wheel, this V8F, from ewheels. It arrived at the beginning of April, just as we entered lockdown, and for months I didn't even open it. I finally did put about 15 hours of attempts into it, but between the continuing pandemic and not knowing a single other person who is remotely interested in EUCs, I was never able to get the hang of it. Now I'm moving and will have very little storage space available, so I'm giving up. Better that someone else use it. I am asking $800, cash or wire transfer, pickup only in Orange County, CA. Pictures shown below, you can see the various scuffs around the handle and especially the bottom of the pedals. I always kept the cover on it. Also shown are screenshots from the InMotion app. Comes with the box, the manual, the cover, and the original charger. Ankle pads are attached to it. When I bought it there was a slightly heavier version available, or this newer lighter one. This is the lighter one. Details from the receipt: Inmotion V8F, 518Wh Battery/1000W Motor (#IM-V8F)
  7. Upgrading to V11 so selling my V8F. NYC area pickup only, SOLD. The V8F has no mechanical issues, 735 miles. There are exterior bumps and scratches from some falls while I was learning on it, but these are all cosmetic and has not affected functionality.
  8. https://i.imgur.com/6ySMd14.jpg I have a used inmotion V8f with only 350 miles everything works great. Fun little portable wheel. Looking to upgrade to something with a little more speed. Send me a message if interested. 700$ OBO
  9. Inmotion V8F for sale. Includes charger and cover. Also have the original box and packaging. This is my first wheel and was ordered April 2021 from eWheels. Was used to learn how to ride a EUC and has several scratches and dings on it. About 200 miles. All pavement, bike path, and tennis court riding. Other than scrapes and scratches, runs great! Battery is solid, getting about 20 miles on a full charge. I looked into getting the shell and pedals replaced and eWheels said they can swap it out and make it look brand new for a couple hundo if that's something you want to do down the road. I haven't tried too many wheels, but can feel very confident in recommending this as a wonderful wheel for training or quick commuting. PM me if interested, can send over several pictures.
  10. Just got my first EUC, the V8f, and can get on and off fairly easy, and trundle along around 10mph after a few practice sessions. I have the speed lock still in place, so 16 mph, and after running the battery down to 40/45%, I thought I was getting vertigo going down a straight stretch about 10mph, which I think was a mild form of tilt back. My question is, would this be happening at a higher speed if I was unlocked to the full 22mph ( is it proportional to the capped speed), or would I get the tilt back around 10mph either way? It'll be awhile before I can test it myself, I'm getting wobbles at the 10mph mark, need the legs to sturdy up.
  11. I caught the EUC bug, and it seems that I'm gravitating toward Chooch-style riding. It's really filling the void for downhill mountain biking from my days living out West. I threw a dirt tire on my V8F and that has been game-changing but I know that I'm going to eventually destroy this wheel if I keep it up; I'm impacting the rim too often and running the battery down way too low. 4 months into EUC ownership and I'm already shopping around for a new wheel... as is tradition. So here's my shopping list: Bomb-proof design that can take a beating 3" knobby tire without suspension Effective trail range +/- 100km (65 miles) Torque is more important than top speed I don't care much about lights, speakers, screens, etc. So given all that, I'm gravitating toward the Kingsong 16x. Just wanted to check in to ask the community A) are there any other wheels that should be on my radar in the ballpark of the 16x price point, and B) should I hold off and wait until the production Inmotion V12 comes to market to see how it compares? Thanks, EDIT: Should have mentioned that I'm 185 lbs / 84 kg
  12. Hi all, finally got up the nerve to replace the tire on my V8F with something trail-capable. The tire swap process was much easier than I'd expected thanks to a video by EUCO. I'm pretty confident that I could do it all again in about 15 minutes. The new tire makes the wheel handle so much better on grass, dirt, and crusher dust trails with very little performance loss on pavement. I was able to push the wheel pretty hard and was even learning to powerslide on my turns a little bit (scary)! However, I did take it onto some little side-trails that were just too gnarly and eventually I got a pinch flat causing a slow leak - it seems that roots and rocks are off the menu. Fortunately the stock tube has a removable valve core and I was able to inject some tire sealant in there; so far it's doing the job and should help to protect against further leaks for a few months. Photo Gallery TLDR: New tire turned my V8F into a trail-hungry beast, but too much gnar and you won't get too far.
  13. I am not sure I am describing the problem correctly in the title. I will try to explain. Each time I ride now I have to reset the SCV Correction as my pedals are not level and they can be wildly inaccurate when I power my EUC on, they can point 45 degrees forward or backward or any degree really. (SCV correction fixes this) When I am riding the pedals dip forward when I am turning which used to only happened once the Gyro was a little out of whack and a SCV correction always fixed it. I haven't had a highspeed crash but have had multiple very slow speed <5 km/h tumbles while trying to learn to spin on the spot. I haven't pulled the wheel apart yet as I was hoping there was a software solution and hoping I haven't fucked my wheel after only 3 months. Has anyone had this problem and how did you fix it please ? P.S. I really hope it can be fixed
  14. Hello, Today a dumped hard my EUC, noticed something on the rear was of, wider than before so I removed the cover. Image: It turns on, lights OK, wheel spin and its ridable but its rub with something, and the volumen is now way lower. Is there any easy fix for this or should I just look for professionals? Thanks.
  15. Hi all. I’d like to ask for some advice. I bought my first wheel (V8F) in July, and I LOVE it. However therein lies my problem: I found my desire to ride is often outlasting its range (24-30km). I’m now looking at the KS-16S. Generally I use it for recreation, mostly on paved trails and bike lanes. I’m a conservative rider; max speed and acceleration are not as important to me (I cruise at a relaxing 20-ish km/h). What is your opinion? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hey Guys I'm ordering a inmotion v8f but it comes with a US charger, I'm wondering if I can plug this charger into a UK socket with an adapter without the machine blowing up lol? I really don't want to pay £50 for a Uk charger. Thanks
  17. Hi everybody It's been two days since I got my V8f. Its my first euc. I went to basketball field and tried my v8f. 2-3 times small soft drop. Then I noticed this strange rubber. I tried to push it a little bit but gave up when I saw that it was erosive to plastic. Any suggestion? Rubber
  18. As a four-day v8f user, I cannot escape the misfortune, this time my tire has blown. I watched all v8f, v8 disassembly videos , I can't pull the two wires stuck. Any suggestion? https://imgur.com/a/r1luN7v I also had difficulty removing one of the pedal rods bent. https://imgur.com/a/1oribcs
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