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New Inmotion V11 dead after firmware upgrad


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Good morning.

I am new member in forum. I came from background riding Wowgo and OW. Decided to get my first Unicycle being Inmotion V11.

Last night received new my V11 and ended having 2 issues. Did not have change to ride yet :(

1) Open cover to put pressure in suspension and found plastic crack (see pics at url).

2) I turn on device > connect bluetooth > firmware update (required by company for latest safety bug fix).  Not good, failure of firmware and V11 stop responding. Now I am not able to turn on V11. it is connecting with my app throw Bluetooth and able to do diagnostic (see pics at url).
I contacted vendor and told me after some troubleshooting that I got a bad one.

I wanted to check with you guys if anything i could do! Like can I reversed firmware to previous one? or flash firmware? I don't believe it is bad unit, just firmware did not go well at update!

here is url of few pics:




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Sorry for what happened to you. Sucks to not even get to test it. 

I have similar issue after attempting firmware update. The update didn't go smoothly and it is now unusable. Mine doesn't even connect to bluetooth. There seems to be something wrong with the latest firmware. But many have been able to update successfully also. 

It might take a while for InMotion to get this sorted. Your best bet is to hope your seller gets new boards quickly. 


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