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Upgrading from V10F - Sherman or V11?

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Hi all,

Looking for some input, especially from those who has experience with both the Sherman and V11, or if you by chance have both.  Your input would be appreciated.

I've been riding the V10F and thinking of upgrading to either a Sherman or V11.  I'm 58, 6' 1" and around 110Kg/240lbs fully geared up.  I'm not a speed demon and looking for a stable and reliable ride.  Majority of the riding is on the streets and hardly any trails.  Most of the riding is leisurely cruising around ~ 20 mph.  Don't use it for commuting, more for cruising around the city.  Ride stability is an important factor for me.  I'm a beginner with around 200+ miles so far.

Interested in your experience with either EUC and your recommendations and pros/cons.  Lately, been hearing V11 having motherboard issues and the Sherman is heavy and some crack rim problems.

Thanks in advance.

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I was asking myself this recently and it really comes down to you and how you ride. There's no real objective "better" wheel since they're very different. 


  • speed
  • power
  • range
  • wheel diameter
  • toughness


  • suspension
  • weight
  • price
  • still has pretty good power/speed

I ride a tesla right now so I have a similar starting point and I'll be upgrading to the Sherman or a future comparable wheel once I move out of my current place (I have to carry it down flights of stairs right now). The main thing that makes me not want to get the V11 is that it has a lot more fragile moving parts that can be damaged if I crash. 

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@Carlo Wong I would also suggest getting some more life out of your v10f before upgrading unless you really feel like you need something better. I have over 600 miles on my tesla and hope to hit 1000 at least before I upgrade. Next step for me is riding backwards which I've neglected to learn in favor of speed and jumps so far. I think getting good on a midrange wheel will be critical for my skillset when moving to a high end wheel.

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