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  1. You have to change them by popping off covers, removing screws on either side and then swapping out the visor
  2. Just for my knowledge what happens when you push up on the chin bar of yours? Mine goes up about 6cm with a fairly light push. Like I said before if I push the visor up without holding the chin bar in place the resistance build in to the visor mechanism is enough to lift the chin
  3. That's a good idea -- I have a bunch of spare baby bumper foam from when I was first learning to ride
  4. I'm kinda warming up to the helmet as time goes, especially as the weather gets colder the face shield is nice. Not sure if the issue with the chin bar lifting up easily is normal or not. Seems to have to do with the fact that the helmet doesn't wrap all that far around the back of the head and so can rotate backwards more easily.. The close chin bar isn't the best but it will definitely protect better than nothing or the """chin bar""" on my artic spin sl helmet. The light weight is good and the helmet is getting more comfortable with wear. Visibility is good. Might still end up she
  5. I could test tilt back settings on the tesla using EUCWorld by setting it to a low value. I had always just assumed it worked -- I haven't felt it happen yet since I don't push to those speeds. Not experienced enough to do so just now. Now that I'm thinking of it, I should try hitting tilt back at lower speeds so I know what the wheel will do when I hit it for real
  6. Yeah cross winds are the worst for me. For winds coming toward me at an angle I adjust my torso to cut through it by leading with one shoulder. For direct headwinds I mostly just reduce speed and ride carefully. Cross winds, especially large gusts, have given me some close calls when on the side of the road with limited room and close passing cars. On the occasions that's happened I get off those roads right away. My gear ain't gonna stop a miata, let alone a truck.
  7. I have a mirror strapped to the back of my hand that I think works well. Good for situations when you're riding in a bike lane and cars don't want to give you enough space. It's not too hard to turn and look but it's even easier not to.
  8. I'd advise you to pick a different helmet if you have a big weird head like I do. The close chin is quite concerning. I've tried giving myself a good punch in the chin and, though it's lessened, I can definitely feel the impact of the chin bar against my face. And that force is nothing compared to what would be dealt out in a crash.
  9. I wonder if it's my head shape or the different liner that makes the chin bar so easy to rotate up? Either way I'll give it a bit of time -- it feels and looks good other than those complaints. Maybe Once the padding is compressed some and I can tighten the strap a bit more the chin issue will go away. Will make sure to post further for other riders interested in the helmet.
  10. Now attach the skis to the sides and make it an electric unicycle snowmobile!
  11. Just got mine in. The lining looks different to yours and even though the fit is quite snug around my head and cheeks the chin can be lifted up very easily even when it's tightened up. If I lift the visor without holding the chin down the chin piece lifts up all the way up to in front of my nose and I have to push it back down (does this happen to yours as well @stephen? never used a helmet with a visor before). Ventilation is good but the chin piece is a bit close to my chin for my liking. I have an rather long head and chin though so I don't blame the helmet for that... Going to use i
  12. This is the attitude all EUC riders should have. I do the exact same and make sure to stop and talk to curious people and explain what I'm riding, including police.
  13. hey @mrelwood I've been pretty much flying blind with my tire pressure since I don't always know what other riders' weights are when I see recommendations on the forums and I'm fairly light. What was your methodology? I've seen on here that the eWheels chart is biased towards a very soft ride but it's drastically lower pressure than what your sheet recommends for my weight of 145lbs on a 16"x2.125". The sheet says 40, 44, 49psi where ewheels says about 35psi.
  14. I have to slow WAAAY down in crosswinds to keep moving in a straight line. Had a few windy rides in a row so I've been improving though. Especially scary in bike lanes in an area where cars drive right up next to your lane
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