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  1. They don't even have the EX.n speed on their site. Is this some secret menu type thing?
  2. I'm quite temped to preorder one of these. AlienRides is the only seller that serving the USA that I've seen so far. I even messaged an ali seller and they didn't even know what it existed
  3. Love the cat logo. Looking forward to seeing your first customer get their bublik in the future!
  4. One question on this diagram, actually. When braking rather than accelerating while in the "C30 advantage" zone, will it still have a force advantage in braking force or would this be different somehow?
  5. Yeah, the main question I ask myself is whether this will still be the case after 1-2 years. I feel as though I've derailed this thread a bit. I wish I could add a "skip to here" tag for people who are only interested in the main topic.
  6. Interesting, thanks for your perspective. The Sherman's top speed seems faster than I would ever want to ride on one wheel but I really like having the buffer zone between my preferred top speed and its top speed. RS HT's top speed of 35mph worries me as I think I might like to go that fast some day, though not much more than that. For now, I think I'll take your words of "If you are ready to notice the difference, you will know what to get." and wait until I hit at least 2000km before upgrading
  7. I suppose hill climbing isn't an activity I do in itself, I just don't want to run out of power going up a steep hill on dirt for times under 1 minute. The tesla has worked in all situations in the 1250km I've ridden but I don't know if it has a torque advantage over an RS HS given the smaller wheel diameter of the tesla. I think my biggest considerations in favor of the torque wheel would probably be braking distance and the access to extra torque for balance when hitting an unseen bump at speed. @FerdinandK How do you find your Sherman's torque? I understand it is more of a high-speed m
  8. Wouldn't be my first wheel but it would be my first high-end/modern wheel. I ride the tesla V2 now. Has anybody gone from the Tesla to the HS model of the MSP or RS? How does the torque compare? I don't ride with aggressive acceleration/braking but I do like to ride on trails and climb hills. I also will hit the beeps on my Tesla pretty regularly and wish I had a bit more speed in there. I'm only about 140lbs/63kg.
  9. I'm in almost the same boat. About the same weight. My only worry with the HS version is of a cutout if I hit an unseen pothole and suddenly put more demand for torque on the wheel than normal.
  10. I'm not in the market for something that expensive but I would love to see other forum users buy one and take videos! I think this is actually a valuable experiment that manufacturers should take note of. Maybe we'll se a medium-wide wheel from gotway or veteran. 4"-5" width maybe?
  11. I only wish I knew the speeds at which those line intersections happened. Considering an RS as my 2nd wheel. Also considering the Sherman or a future wheel though -- knows what's just around the corner
  12. Always happy to see a new notification pop up about this wheel when I visit the forums
  13. I ride at around 38psi so I don't think that my pressure was too low. It was just a very bad obstacle to hit. For me the bend is barely noticeable when riding on a long, smooth surface so I don't think it's dangerous to ride after checking for cracks in the rim. Actually now that you mention it I should check my pressure since I thought it was fine when I first hit the pipe. Might be that I have a leak although I haven't noticed it. Also the tesla v2 is a great wheel how long have you been riding and have you thought of upgrading yet? I want to eventually but for now this thing is gr
  14. Hmm interesting. I will take that under consideration. I think I can feel a slight bump on very smooth surfaces but nothing more than that. It wasn't noticeable until I was looking for it.
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