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EUC.world App and website. Danish translation

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I have had the pleasure of assisting Seba with mostly Danish translation of the app and website. And some beta yesting too. 

Doing a translation is not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes you have to pick words that fit the space and other times there are no words that fits. 

So if any EUC.WORLD users come across things they have a better solution in the translation I am all ears and eyes to look into this. 

If there is something you want me to explain too I shall try my best. 

@moderators I hope that tjis topic makes sense to allow some non English post as the nature of yhe topic to some extend requrie this from time to time.

So please share your feedback with me. I do not see feedback as positive or negative. So anything goes. I will share one thing personally though. I have a kind of special version of deslyxia so I will need help to perfect the translation. This also means a considerable amount of time is spend on this, but I will make spelling and typing mistakes. 

The more constructive it is the better I can implemented or answer why ot might happen. 

I will also take the opportunity to say thank you @Seba for making both App and website available to us riders.

And thank you for any feedback you chose to share. 

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