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Shipping V5F to Canada from AliExpress

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Hi everyone, 

Total EUC newbie, and an old one too (mid 50s), but I got the bug watching all those Youtube videos!!

I decided that I would buy and try with an InMotion V5F.

I am based in Canada and have ordered from AliExpress in the past.  

Just wondering if any canucks have had experience ordering an EUC from AliExpress to Canada? If so, time, and any shipping duties?

Thanks for any feedback

Beep beep


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Done several times. Expect min 60 days, no taxes or duty, and a one month blackout in tracking while the item is on a boat in the middle of nowhere...

V5F was my second wheel.

It takes a bit of time to master but you will find any wheel a piece of cake after that...

Just don't push it past 26km/h. Not made for that.

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Ordered a Sherman in January and arrived in April. 

Ordered a V10F in August and Arrived in October. 

No taxes or duties even though they didn’t promise anything except that most don’t get dinged. China to Vancouver. 


Tracking was non existent except the last days and then it just gets left at the door both times.  No signature. That felt risky. 

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