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Advisory: BMS / BT LOY Error


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FYI. eWheels sent out an alert regarding possible damage to the BMS should the VS fall on its side.


Good day,

This is an advisory regarding your purchase of the Veteran Sherman. 
Note: This is not a safety issue.
It has just come to our attention that the ribbing on the interior of the side panels can press into and damage the Battery Management System (BMS) circuitry attached to the battery, resulting in a "BT LOY" error, as pictured. This can occur if the Wheel falls on either of its sides. 
< Sherman BT LOY.png >
To prevent this damage to the BMS from occurring, please follow this procedure:
Remove both of the side panels (9x screws per side, - you do not need to remove the pedals for this), and file/dremel down the three internal ribs as in the below picture. This should only take a few minutes per side with a dremel.
Note: If you have the Sherman side pads in use, please warm these gently with a hair dryer to aid in their removal, as two of these screws are located underneath each pad's default installation position. 
< Sherman Panels New.png >
All new batches of Shermans as of and including the March, 2021 shipment, have this fix already in place from the factory. 
Thank you,
eWheels Team

Sherman BT LOY.png

Sherman Panels New.png

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Oh, sorry. I missed that. I scanned the titles and didn't equate "battery case mod" to the side panel/BMS issue.

Feel free to delete my post.

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