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InMotion V10F Bluetooth music


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Hi there! Is there any v10f owners that can help me connect to the speakers on mine?

The app and EUC world works fine, but doesn't play music. I have this wheel for 1 year and I think it's time I finally can connect to the speakers hahahaha

Help me, I can't find anything anywhere about this!



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Hi there, welcome to the forum.

I don't have nor had experience with the V10 or any IM wheel for that matter but I would assume they all work similar. The BT music part of the wheel works independently of EUC.W or any EUC app as far's as I know. 

When you pair EUC.W with the wheel, you get all the functions as noted in the app. If you want music, you need to BT pair the phone to the wheel much like a set of headphones. You should see it on the pairing list when you do a BT search.

Find the V10, click pair. Then open any music app & you should hear it thru the wheel. 

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