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  1. Selling Inmotion V10F electric unicycle 134 miles Slight scratches on shell and pedals but works like new Comes with protective cover, box warranty(box can be picked up from my apartment down the street after sale) 1100 OBO
  2. Hello, I have designed these footplates last year and was successfully using them so why not to share with you guys. I would never go back to original rubber / grip tape. It is not a thing of comfort but the thing of safety. Had a few falls directly because of not having enough grip. Now the foot wont move even in heavy riding and some mild snow / mud on shoes. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5446843 Happy and safe riding!
  3. V10F has nice big pedals -- but the grip is shit if they get wet. I found this mod somewhere else and decided to give it a go. It is working great, maybe too good -- I use to be able to adjust me feet easily if I did not like my initial starting positions, mostly my left foot as I start with my right mounted. But now they dont to move. I have to now lift my foot up more to adjust. As with all changes it will take some time to acclimatize. I have tested it at the bike/skate park where I do most of my aggressive turning which places the most twist pressure between the feet and pedals, and the feet stay planted well. I used a sharp pointy thingy to poke the initial holes from underneath - this allowed to get the proper spacing by just poking in the approx middle of honey cone shape. I used a black Sharpy marker to mark the hole on the top with the pointy thingy still in because the hole disappear once it is pulled out. Then I put each screw in getting each one tight but not so much as to strip the holes but still tight as possible. There should be some of the screw thread showing on the underside. Once all the screws went in, hot glue was applied to them, hopefully preventing them from coming out when under twist pressure - this is the reason for some thread on the underside showing so the hot glue has something to grab -- the rubber is not very strong so something will be needed to hold them in. Hot glue is what I had on hand. I have no idea how the screws will hold up over time. I figure if I ride this winter the salt will rust them - time will tell! After riding for a couple days now, the grip is so so much better than before and the screws so far holding tight. I cant feel the screws there under the shoes but I sure know they are working. Without a solid stance and good grip the potential for an accident increases substantially. I hope this info can help others with this good wheel overcome this short coming.
  4. For Sale: Inmotion V10F (w/ Hex Pedals, Cover, + Stand) (good condition, like-new) (about 190 miles on it.) Can meet in or around Great Neck, Long Island/Queens area for pickup. Selling since I've outgrown the speed limit and don't ride it anymore. Great as a first wheel or secondary mid-size wheel. Wheel is in great condition, rides like-new. Only has about 190 miles on it. Used for only a few months in the summer. Bought from EUCO.com (May 2021) Always rode with the EUCO protective sleeve on. Upgraded the pedals to the Inmotion brand honeycomb hex pedals (as seen in pictures). Added several strips of velcro to the sides for power pads placement. Added several strips of reflective tape for visibility safety. Comes with original box, charger, EUCO protective sleeve, and EUC Stand by EUCArmy.com . Cash and Carry. Priced to sell. Sorry not willing to ship it. Message me to arrange meetup or if you have any questions. Thanks for reading Have Fun & Ride Safe!
  5. I got the V10F as my first and so far only wheel. I figured I would throw up a few comments as I think if you are unsure what to get as your first wheel it's a solid choice. Sorry I couldn't help showing off for the camera ^^^. Ha! It seems like there are 3 schools of thought for first wheel: One and done! Buy the fanciest/$$ wheel you can afford and one you'll keep forever. [ie. folks buying Shermans as their first wheel] Middle of the Road. Buy something capable, but not crazy so you won't grow out of it fast. [ie. V10F] Go small. Buy a small/cheap wheel just for learning and plan to upgrade fairly soon. [ie. Mten3/V5F] I can see the pros/cons for each option and the right answer depends on you. I went with #2 because I figured the wheel was light enough to learn on without making life too hard and once I was past the newb stage it would still be useful as a commuter/cruiser wheel and as a wheel to teach my GF/friends should they show some interest. InMotion has a reputation for quality and the V10F is not a bleeding edge wheel so how it performs is well understood. It was also in stock so no waiting for a new wheel to be released and a padded optional cover was available. The fact it was reputed to handle wet weather well appealed to me since I live in the PNWet North. I liked the big flat foot plates and I thought it was a good looking wheel. The 2.5" tire seemed a good compromise in width for general urban riding. The ~50km range seemed to hit a sweet spot for doing stuff locally and the price was not so high I was worried I'd wish I had not spent it. As a well established wheel I also figured I could sell it fast if I didn't love it. Buying new for my first wheel was risky. Both in terms of damaging the wheel when learning and also $$ lost in resale if I didn't want to keep it. With not much of an EUC community where I lived buying a used wheel long distance wasn't super appealing so I decided it was better to buy new. I got the optional padded cover as I figured that would be useful to protect it. I'm 5'11" tall & 185lbs +/- 5lbs depending on tacos/beer. The V10F fit me well in terms of size/weight and foot plate height. It wasn't so small/light that it felt unstable and it wasn't so big/heavy that it was hard to control. I learned fast on the wheel with only a few drops and no real damage other than the bottom of the foot plates. So being worried about trashing a new wheel wasn't a real concern. Since I got the hang of riding in a day or so I was into chill cruise mode right away. Had I bought a tiny starter wheel I would probably have been shopping for wheel #2 by the end of the first week. As it was the V10F was perfect for post-newb, but not quite intermediate stage. Fast enough to be engaging without getting out of hand and powerful enough that cut outs are not a worry for reasonable riding. It's agile enough I can ride at walking speed if I need to wait to pass and fast enough to get away from people I don't want to deal with. Stopping and starting are drama free. A few months later I've made it to what I'd call solid new intermediate level of skills as an urban EUC rider. Think bicycle commuter, but on an EUC. I'm not doing tricks/jumps and I am not doing Kuji style accelerations/weaving, but I can get around town without being a danger to myself or others and have fun. The V10F is still a great wheel for me. Being realistic the speed/range is all I need. It can go everywhere I need to and doesn't have any obvious weaknesses. I watch the new EUC review videos like everyone else, but I have not had a real itch to spend any money on a new wheel. If I did get a new wheel at some point I'd keep the V10F as it is a great wheel to teach someone else and then let them use to ride with me as it's capable enough to really explore the town. Since I do a lot of errands on this wheel I like that it's got a slim/refined form factor that doesn't put people off when I want to roll it into a building/office. It looks more cute than HALF-ELECTRIC-DIRT-BIKE!!!! I don't need extra attention. So what are some negatives? Well it's not an exciting wheel. It feels like a Honda Civic not a Jeep or Ferrari. It rides/trolleys so light/easy that it's always shocking when I pick it up and have to move 50lbs around. I'm strong enough to carry it as needed, but ya it's not light. The lights are adequate as "be seen" lights in chill conditions, but I add a red flasher to my pack and hold a small/powerful LED flashlight in my hands for riding when things are getting dark. The warning sounds are really loud if you are trying to be stealthy. I think I'd prefer a 3" tire, but I'm just guessing as I haven't tried an EUC with a bigger tire. The optional cover is very functional and it's not bad looking, but the graphic design isn't amazing either. Plus the cover obscures the side lights so you don't get to enjoy them. I like the way the trolley handle works, but it has some play in it that's a touch annoying. That's about it. There isn't much to complain about. I haven't played music on my V10F's speakers as I ride so I can't comment on that feature. If I had to start again I would happily get another V10F. It's been a really good experience from newb to now. EUC technology is changing so fast I don't think spending a year or two on this wheel will be something I'll regret because when/if I do decide to spend a bunch of $$ on a bigger/fancier wheel it will be so much better than what's available today. Plus the V10F will remain capable enough to keep around. So if you are wondering what to get for your first wheel and can't decide I wouldn't hesitate to recommend buying a V10F.
  6. Now that I've concluded this little adventure with the help of @Jason McNeil (eWheels) and the engineers of Inmotion USA, I thought I'd share my report here in case anyone else runs into the same issue. Last Friday, my wife attempted to power on my V10F (of about 460 miles) and take it for a short spin to the store, as she sometimes does. As she describes it, the battery display was seen to illuminate briefly, but never finished, going dark. The power button became unresponsive, but the brake light was on at high illumination. In this zombie state, the motor was not engaged, and there was no app connectivity, but there was bluetooth speaker connectivity and working speakers. It also appeared to be accepting a charge when it was plugged in, judging from the red light on the charger and the brick's normal operating warmth. If you're wondering why we would plug it in instead of taking it outside, my wife didn't know the whole backstory behind the earlier recall this wheel had returned from a month earlier. She thought maybe the battery was too dead to turn on. When I came home and heard the story, I was much more panicked. Inability to power off screamed, "fire risk!" to me, and I banished the wheel to the back porch. Naturally, my misfortunes like to happen on the weekend, so it took a couple days to get an actionable response to my panicked queries. I figured it could take many days to discharge the battery at that rate, and this would ultimately prove true. My wheel was now a heavy, expensive, possibly incendiary traffic cone. Jason advised me to open up the shell on the control board side and try to disconnect the battery. At best, a hard reset might fix it. At worst, I would need to power it off to ship it. The procedure looked simple enough, according to the dismantling video I was sent a link to. The video lied. The pedal has to come off first, and this proved to be a nightmare to dismantle. Not depicted or described in the video were hard plasticky nylon pressure fittings that sit between the pedal axle and the outer cap screws. They like to become stubbornly lodged once installed, preventing axle removal. Over the next few days, I ended up purchasing a heavy soft hammer and a set of steel punches, since this is what the Inmotion people said they use to pound the pedal axles out in such cases. But brute force never did work for me. I'm no mechanic, and just didn't have the shop setup to vice it in place and apply proper leverage. In the end, I spent hours chiseling with a hammer and screwdriver to chip out the last traces of nylon on one side so that I could use a narrow punch on the other to drive the axle out. With the pedal off, the rest of the shell removal was relatively straightforward. The control board was still on enough to have a blinking green light. I had no difficulty unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in. The wheel powered up and self-balanced just fine after that. It really did just need a reset. In all, I estimate it went through about half of a full charge during its ~130 hours in zombie mode, a figure that might be of some value in determining which subsystems were active. It's an interesting design question: How high does the rate of zombie brickings have to be before there ought to be a reset button? It's easy to say that one is not enough until the one happens to you and gives you the week that I had. I was able to reassemble the wheel and ride it for several miles yesterday -- Jason sent me replacement fittings speedy quick -- and the wheel seems fine. But from now on there's always going to be a trace of anxiety whenever I go to power this thing on.
  7. Has anyone added any padding to their V8/V10? I am determined to add some but I'm not sure where.... or how.... or when.... Is your V8/V10 padded? Show us a picture!
  8. Hello all, I've recently unboxed my first EUC (InMotion V10F) and noticed that while on and not in Transport Mode, the speaker will make a high-pitched noise along with whatever sound it plays, like a a system sound or song over Bluetooth. This doesn't happen when the wheel is in Standby Mode or Transport Mode, and/or shortly after I power off the main, but it's quite annoying when I want to play a song while riding it, or even when it makes a beep noise when on. Is this normal? Should I send my unit back for a replacement?
  9. Inmotion V10f for sale. I've loved riding/learning on this wheel, but I'm feeling the upgrade itch, and I've preordered a V12. While I wait, I've decided to see if anyone wants to help me out by buying my current wheel. It's in great condition, and there are photos in the linked craigslist posting, along with more details about the wheel. Link to detailed, local craigslist posting: Inmotion V10f Electric Unicycle - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org) I will consider shipping to forum members with enough post/activity history to prove they aren't a scam- I did not mention this in the craigslist posting because as a general rule I don't sell things that need to be shipped. I'll throw in the custom wooden charging stand I built for $75 dollars if that appeals to you. That price proooobably doesn't even cover my time/labor, but it's custom to the v10f and charger, so I won't have a use for it after I sell the wheel.
  10. InMotion V10, 103 miles in like new condition, only $950. Located in Tampa Bay area, willing to ship at buyer's expense. Only PayPal accepted if not buying locally. I'm selling it to upgrade. Price is firm.
  11. I hope to encourage @Bobwheel and Inmotion/Solowheel to share more info on the new V10 gen. app for android. Of course, some development updates/ info and expected release date would be nice to know too. As for features, can someone confirm if this app will support any tope of smart watch/wear type to show speed and maybe even a horn/bell option. The last part is high on my interest list due to road legality/ traffic laws.
  12. Hi there! Is there any v10f owners that can help me connect to the speakers on mine? The app and EUC world works fine, but doesn't play music. I have this wheel for 1 year and I think it's time I finally can connect to the speakers hahahaha Help me, I can't find anything anywhere about this!
  13. With: * 1700 km total distance * "Knobby" tire with studs (installed) * Original tire included * 5A Rapid Charger (instead of 1.5A) 150$ USD Value - https://www.ewheels.com/product/ewheels-84-2v-rapid-chargers/ * Protection wheel cover * Vicious Griptape on the pedals * In very good shape, a few scratches but everything works like new * This wheel is very water resistant (tested through rain and snow) * Bought in September 2020 from eWheels (transferable warranty) 1700 $CAN is the asking price. Montreal South Shore.
  14. Hi all, my v10f just stopped booting this morning. It does not react to any input. Symptoms: The charger shows a green light (power cable is connected) The brake light of the wheel is permanently on Pressing the on-switch (short or long) does not show any reaction The app does not find the wheel The wheel is basically dead. Any help is appreciated.
  15. issue photo 1 photo 2 Any advice? Can I buy only axis ? Where ? Help me. Thank you guys ❤️
  16. I need a small piece that clamps the trolley handle to the EUC. Picture pushing the trolley handle down and it snaps into a piece. That is the piece I need. One side of that piece is broken. It looks like that piece is only held in place by 2 screws.
  17. Could someone please recommend an mudguard for V10F wheel ? Already search for it but ...
  18. Hello, My V10F has stopped completely working after a forward adjustment. It basically results completely disconnected from motor (does not self balance vertically after you turn it on). Things I have tried: Factory reset Clear cash Do again forward adjustment Multiple times on and off Any help would be highly appreciated please. It seems I am completely unfortunate with me wheel, or I am not able completely to understand the app. Thanks a lot
  19. Hello, my V8 broke down and is currently on warranty repair. But it seems that the seller will not be able to sort it in the 30 days, as required by law in Czech republic, and I will get my money back. And I started thinking about more powerful EUC to buy . Currently in Czech republic I can get from official sources Inmotion or Ninebot, as I want to enjoy the 2 year warranty. So this limits my choices to V10F for 1640€ or Z10 for 2020€. I am quite heavy 100 kg (220 pounds) and I mainly use the unicycle to commute to work (2 km to train station, 30 km by train and then 7 km to work). But I would like to also enjoy some long trips riding and it could include rough surfaces like trails in forests, ... I prefer to have one unit to several due to space limitation and cost. Both EUC have some pro and cons: V10F + cheaper, lighter - reported overheating in long climbs, deforming pedals for heavy riders Z10 + design, wide tire for trails - more expensive, not so great support from Ninebot, heavy Which EUC would you get and why? Thank you for your comments
  20. For sale V10F Great 1st wheel or city commuter I bought new in Jan 19 Travelled 325Kms No dramas or issues Comes with inmotion cover ,custom made stand and original box Few scratches here and there but still in good condition Wheel is in Darwin can post at buyers expense A$1450 Selling as to part fund new wheel cost
  21. Hello friends HAPPY NEWS FROM TURKEY 😍😍😍 Kingsong ks18L model loaded new application. Then inmotion v10f and ks18xl gyro sensitivity was the same. İ have both v10f and ks18xl. And Ks18xl is the best on the world now.
  22. Hi friends... I am running the InMotion iPhone app with my V10F. I pair my phone with the wheel, stick my phone in my pocket and take off. This week as I’ve been riding the display has somehow flipped from the stats screen to the “camera” mode. When I arrive at my destination and go to check the stats i find camera is on and I can’t figure out how to get out of that mode and back to telemetry... I’ve poked, swiped, held and pressed everything on and around the screen and nothing seems to work. However, after a couple of minutes of fumbling around the display will revert to the dashboard. So, how do I get from camera back to the home screen? Thanks! Larry
  23. I did a bit of prodding in the official Discord channel before deciding to post my issue here and such... Yesterday, I decided to see how far I could push my new V10F on a single charge. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed when my answer ended up being ~24 miles. I'm at a bit of a loss for the solution, as the only thing I could come up with was that the li-ion pack may have gotten swapped out accidentally, when they were fiddling with the waterproofing issue. The ride was smooth, level, and paved for at least 90% of the trip... with the only exceptions being road crossings and a couple of bridges. I only weigh 160lb, so weight shouldn't be an issue. I keep tire pressure at roughly 36PSi, as well. Most, if not all acceleration and deceleration cycles were smooth and gradual, too. To me, 24 miles seems abnormally short, considering InMotion claims at least 50 under ideal conditions. Even derating that value by 10-20% is acceptable. Something seems quite off, when one is only able to achieve 40-50% of the stated range. Thoughts?
  24. Hello All! Patiently awaiting delivery of the V10 🤞 (yay) ... In the interim, I've been doing a bit of research on charging options. I understand the supplied charger takes approximately 5 hours to recharge from empty. However, I've seen talk online of so called "fast-chargers" that can reduce this time downwards. Can anyone offer any advice/guidance on this front, particularly relating to the V10? I've struggled to find any definite answers, a lot of talk around Gotways but nothing concrete for the Inmotion. I've seen talk around 4V/5V chargers but it's a little beyond me if I'm honest right now. Really appreciate any advice, guidance, links etc and particularly what type of charging time someone could expect if such a charger exists. Thanks all! 😄
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